The topic of what I was supposed to be talking about is on my computer.

And I don't feel like getting up to look at it.

So I'm faced with quite the dilemma right now.

So, I'll ramble on.

Why are my Friday nights the most boring things known to man?

I didn't even feel like learning/reading anything tonight

And I slept until 7pm.

I'd want to blame it on the rain and being woken up by phone calls and bad dreams.

But then it'd be an excuse now wouldn't it.

Anyway...I think I'm onto something now.

Remember what I said about sexual energy being strong?

It's starting to interfere with...

Know what, as the months have gone by, I've been less and less blunt about certain topics.

Totally forgetting that this = no censoring.

Excuse me for straying away from my roots. It wasn't intentional.

So as I was saying. Sex has become more than just a feeling for me.

Now, an actual experience...but more than physically.

Mentally and spiritually. At the same time, physical feeling. But that's not my entire purpose.

And anything interfering with it being an entirely natural experience isn't in my vision.

I'm sure we all know where I'm getting to.

It's bad enough that a seed is being wasted, but now it's even fab-
*random coin drops for no apparent reason and the cat starts meowing*
Fabricated from a natural experience.

This is not implying I want a child, in anyway. If you're not having sex with me, pay my thoughts no mind.


I don't know if I'm looking more and more tired as the days go on, or if its only the passed few days taking its toll on me.

I'm out here looking like earl.



When was the last time I changed the song on here...*changes to something that doesn't fit the mood at all*

Good Kid M.A.A.D City review coming soon...