Perfect, Goals.

Do you consider yourself perfect?

I see the word perfect as...another ploy to keep humans where they are.

Or at least the modern definition and thought of it coming from people.

It's really perspective for the most part when it comes to this.

They say perfect is without flaw.

What is flaw? To you?

Well what one person may consider a flaw, another person may consider it a strength.

At a young age, your guardians may start off calling you perfect, but you hear it less and less as you grow older.

Whereas in a different setting, say anywhere besides your parents arms, you are told that no one is perfect.

Yourself, parents, family, one.

And the only ones that are perfect are those without an earthly body? Nah.

Man is perfect, I'm speaking for women too.

You are perfect.

Perfect does not mean that you can do anything.

You're just made for a different reason, to do perfectly, with your perfect mind and body.

For example, you're missing a screw that's needed to finish building a toy. You find the screw, and it's perfect for that reason.

But if you use the same screw on a hole that's too small or too big for the screw, then you wouldn't consider it perfect.

But then again, that's your perspective.

In no way am I saying that you can't do anything, you can, just some better than the other.

But then again, it's all perspective.

You'd probably think you were perfect if one one told you that you're not.

But at the same time, letting it all go to your head isn't good.

Be proud of yourself, but don't belittle others or think that you're on a higher pedestal than anyone else.

Remember, you are all perfect.

Anyone could do what you do if they had the same passion, desire, and tools to get the job done.

But wanting someone thing different and thinking differently than the next person makes you different.

Nothing wrong with having the same goals. It may be a coincidence. But acting as if its a competition?

Draw the line.

Never act as if your goals are better than someone else's.

You're both doing what you believe you came here to do.

And if you're both contempt doing what you're doing, what's to fight about?

Could it be envy?

Then secretly you're not too happy with your own goal.

Which means... you might want to rethink your choices, with a clear mind...

From the beginning.