4 hours of sleep later...

Had a dream that I had sex with my iPod.

It was mad weird, like somehow it fit into the usb jack at the bottom

And I was really just going away at it, for no reason...

For one, that was not what I wanted to write about.

And two, this happened like last week, I just never got around to saying it for whatever reason.

Anyway, I've been wanting to go to the store for a few days now.

Been too lazy, and have been unrolling dumdum sticks for the passed few hours

I just want papers. For some reason cigarettes just don't sit right with me

The paper it's rolled in, and the filter. But i might not have much of a choice when it comes to that.

Can only avoid so much danger, sometime you just gotta take one for the team.

Pretty sure I'll change my mind sometime soon, so whatever.

I actually forgot what I was originally going to blog about in this post.

It's just too damn hot in this room to think clearly.

Balls sweating and forehead's running.

Ima go cool off.