Overdue...Way Overdue.

I'll give you...TWO scenarios.

Number One.

You just bought a new T.V. One you've been wanting for a long time

You get home, plug it in, and it turns out the t.v isn't working.

You mess with the t.v a little bit to make sure you're not doing anything wrong

And just like you thought, the t.v is broken.

What are your first thoughts?


Number Two. 

You go outside, come home and go to sleep.

You wake up the next morning with a stuffy nose, but you ignore it.

The very next day when you wake up it's gotten worse, and...

You've come down with an illness.

What are your first thoughts?


Now, it seems like common sense right?

Something is broken or out of whack, so you call someone who can fix it because it's the only way to solve the problem right?

Not exactly.

Think about it, why do you call the t.v repair guy, or your doctor to make an appointment?

To get the problem solved, but why?

Due to your own ignorance.

It kind of annoys me when people act as if doctors/repairmen are NEEDED to solve their issues.

The only reason you go to the doctor, or call up someone to solve a problem

Is because you don't know how to do it yourself.

So are those people needed? Well if you don't know any better, then yes.

Are they needed for people who know how to take care of their body or repair their property?


They aren't needed at all. And they're making money off of your ignorance.

Of course they're not going to tell you how to fix it, or that would be one less customer to their disposal.

How long have hospitals been around? Since the beginning of man? I doubt it.

" Oh goodness, so how ever did they have a baby without a hospital?! "

They weren't needed when you knew how to perform it yourself.

If the baby doesn't survive, it's a reason for it.

If you're in the hospital hooked up to life support keeping your life active on a string.

There's a reason for it.

You were likely supposed to die.

But due to technology, you were kept alive.

And thanks to that, there are probably more human on this earth than there should be.

It's not abnormal for a mammal to kill or not nurse it's babies if they are born with some kind of disorder, mutation, injury, or are sickly.

A deformed baby has very low chances of survival.

And if it does, and ends up mating with more mammals of it's kind who are also not killed around birth.

They create a population full of animals they aren't well suited for their environment.

So when coming in contact with a predator, or trying to chase down a prey.

They'll have a very low survival rate, and eventually end up going extinct.

Now, I AM NOT saying that all children born with "issues" should be killed.


But, in your natural habitat...Would they still be alive?

Btw...Good Kid M.A.A.D City drops... Today.

So, there's my reason for putting the review off for so long.

Review will be up the 23rd. Just giving people a chance to actually hear it first.