Google chrome is acting like Internet Explorer right now

So, this post is from firefox. Sucks.

I never realized how many people I don't talk to

Until I went through my contact list.

It's literally less than 15 in there.

But it looks clean, so it's worth it.


When was the last time you did any math problems on paper?

Like, adding fractions, long division, equations...etc

Honestly, I really can't remember. By time i got to highschool

Everything was being done with a calculator.

So much so, that I actually forget how to do most of that stuff by hand.

Unless you're in middle school, I don't expect you to remember either.

When you're young, you're taught the essentials first.

Essentials being, the type of math that the average person will use in every day life.

Then as you get older, everything becomes more calculator based, and you also have more classes.

So just like that, unless you have a calculator on you, then 6th grade math becomes something that requires you to think more than 1 minute about.

 Some colleges have tests that include the math from highschool, and middle school.

And it seems like most people have trouble with the middle school portion.

It's just been so long that you've used EVERY DAY math. That it's almost foreign to you.

So then you have parents having trouble helping their kids with the homework.

Just, in school...only the essentials should be necessary to graduate.

It's supposed to prepare you for the real world right?

There's no reason that I should have to have other credits other than the essentials to graduate.

Yearbook, gym, typing...classes that REALLY aren't required for the real world.

But are thrown into your schedule just because.

Cutting down on classes like those would drastically shorten the school year, and give students more time to focus on the essentials.

Sure, you can make the argument about gym...needing fitness and such.

But how many people REALLY try in that class?

 It's two or three times a week...

Half of the class you're learning the instructions, the other half you're not doing much other than jogging for a good 30 minutes

And that's if you're good. 

The "out of shape" students or the ones who are just bad at sports never get the ball passed to them.

So only the higher tier students are even getting that little bit of time to exercise.

You know it's true.

If you really have to include gym, at least make it useful.  

Half of the reason my gpa looked the way it did.

The classes that i thought were dumb, I put no effort into.

 Even for the "essential" classes i have at least put half of a f*ck in it.

It wasn't going to stop me from graduating, and i have plans other than college in my future.

So they really served no purpose to me.

And for the record, to obtain a 4.0 gpa...Just ask the teacher whenever you're confused.

Or if your teacher is a dick, ask another teacher to help you out, contact your counselor...etc.

A gpa certainly doesn't determine intelligence...

Just annoys me when someone with a high gpa says "Wow I'm smart!"

But yet can't even comprehend sarcasm/satire.

The ones to always get the joke last out of the group.

As always, there needs to be a balance.

Yes it's needed, but it's not the "catch-all".

Bush was a C student, and this country voted him for president.

Now how much does that say?