Frank Ocean - channel ORANGE: Review

Before I say anything about this, there's some things floatin' around the atmosphere about who Frank really is.

Or why he changed his name.

This could be shock value, anyway.

Frank Ocean just sounds really close to Frank Olson

Frank Olson was involved in the first MK/Ultra mind control projects in the early 90's

He ended up committing suicide due to depression. Also hear he was exposed to LSD and other types of drugs...people say the cia killed him...yeah. I know y'all probably don't wanna hear that kind of ish, but meh...

Mk/Ultra...Nostalgia...Ultra... Idk it's close, I'm not saying anything is true. It's just food for thought.


This is probably long overdue...But whatever.

Ima try to keep it to one review a week or somethin like that.

Took a poll out of this...and Cruel Summer, this got the most votes so...yeah.

First thoughts: Another fucking album with 17 songs on it. What the fuck.

And i have to take a shit.


Album Cover:

I feel like i've seen this before.
Maybe...2Chainz Album Cover...or Food & Liquor 2?
Whatever, nothing really special. This one did come out first...So i give him props for that.
Let's get into this.

1. Start

So frank was chillin, sleep or whatever
Wakes up, turns on his t.v...
Another noise...High ass frequency almost hurt my ears.
Turns on playstation 1(If you didn't know that sound you should be powerbombed)
And I THINK...He starts playing Street Fighter.

2. Thinkin Bout You

I feel like this song should have been played out a long time ago
But for some reason, I still don't get tired of it
Not really much to say about this shit.
We've heard it a million times...We get the message.
But I like how he changed it up on the album version
I'm not even sure what the original sounds like anymore
After i heard this shit I dropkicked the original off my computer.
Moving on...

3. Fertilizer

This is moving pretty fast so far, maybe 17 songs ain't all that bad.
Anyway, when i first heard the song in the back...Fertilizer
I was like oh fuck
Then I realized the track ain't even a minute long.
That shit blew my high. I had it on repeat for a minute
BUT...I did manage to find this.

It's pretty much the same thing, so I'm good.
I think we're done with fillers for awhile

4. Sierra Leone

Alright so he fucks around and gets a girl pregnant
Talking to his younger self and all that good stuff.
Should have pulled out mane *dougies*
Anyway, this is smooth. Have no hate for it
Reminds me of Nostalgia, Ultra-Frank Ocean.
*googles lyrics*
But at this point, there's two things you can say.
Either Frank Ocean is the greatest ever...Or people just try REALLY hard to make his lyrics seem like more than they are.
I'm not even gonna go into detail about this shit.
Besides that, this album is lookin' pretty good so far.

5. Sweet Life

I respect Frank more for the first verse of this song.
The beginning and end of this got me

"The water's blue, swallow the pill
Keepin' it surreal, whatever you like
Whatever feels good, whatever takes you mountain high
Keepin' it surreal, not sugar-free
My TV ain't HD, that's too real"

If you've seen the matrix, then you know about the whole
Blue pill...or Red pill scene
Blue pill to stay where he's at...dreamland...Matrix.
Or Red Pill, to come back to reality.
Honestly, if you had the choice, you'd choose the blue pill. Be real.
Good and a bad idea.
And of course, Frank chooses to live in la-la land.

From the name i thought i was gonna hate this song.
But it's cool foreal.
The ear he has for beats so far is dope.
Let's hope he keeps this up.

6. Not Just Money


Another high frequency ass noise
I KNOW I'm not the only one hearing this shit. Fuck.

But yeah, a woman talking to someone, maybe a son or daughter.
Basically going on about money...the value of it brings happiness
How it's the difference between taking a girl to prom and dissappointing her
And how her life is dependent upon money...
Exactly the type of person who I don't like.
But this is how parents talk to their children.
Chill out with that shit.

7. Super Rich Kids (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)

First impression...When I saw that EARL was on this shit I almost cried.
Anyway, I guess he kind of...Mocks "Super Rich Kids"
Or at least their lifestyle.
How being rich also has it's downsides...Having people pretend to be your friend
But to really use you for your money...etc.
Honestly Earl didn't sound like he didn't feel like rappin' on this
He sounded like this was the 15th take
Like he just didn't give a fuck if he fucked up on this take or not.
Aside from that, he goes on the downsides of being a rich kid.
Going around breaking shit...Overpaying for weed...That's shitty at that.
But hey who cares, we're rich, we could always just replace it.
From this it's pretty evident that being rich...wait no
Isn't true happiness
Otherwise you wouldn't have things like this happening. People abusing drugs...Oding...etc...
Dope shit though.
I'm liking this so far, every song has an actual concept.
Let's keep it movin.

8. Pilot Jones

...Soon as this started
I was disappointed
I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't like this song
Maybe the beginning vocals just REALLY threw me off.
I'm honestly not sure if this song is about drugs...a all three
I'm pretty sure it's all three though.
The song actually grew on me as it went on. But the beginning vocals can be tossed out the window.
Most interesting instrumental so far though, how it kind of fades in and then back out.
The background noises...Of a plane, jet...whatever are dope too.
Not too much more to say about this one but...

"Go head' fly dat thanng"

9. Crack Rock

Alright this was the first pause moment for me in the album so far
I get it...Crack pipe...yeah i get it.
But... "Glass dick" This is the type of shit
That replaces "no homo" with "No Frank Ocean"

"Yeah son i was gonna get it in, no frank ocean though, feel me? frank ocean."

But foreal though, pretty sure we all know what this song is about
It reminded me of _____  _____
No names
But damn, that's wild.
Yeah though, it and family don't mix...How it destroys your life...etc...
Vocals didn't annoy me in this, and I like the piano playing in the back
I hear this shit really ain't nothin to mess with. Makes me wonder
After hearing so much bad shit about it, why would you even want to try it?
"Nah son i ain't gonna be hooked!"
Good luck with that...anyway.

Moral of the story, don't do crack.

10. Pyramids

*sighs* 9 minutes. Spare me, please.
Let's hope its 8 minutes of instruments.
And...It's not.
Real shit though, I ain't think i was gonna like this. I found myself boppin' without even knowin' it.
Anyway, it's basically about the last Egyptian Pharaoh, Cleopatra.(But he modernizes her in a sense..or just takes  a random woman and calls her by the same name)
Apparently she committed suicide after her lover died in war.
Or...just got poisoned.
From a snake bite, if i remember correctly...
Speaking of snake bites. Always get that shit checked out.

Bless you.
Anyway, He goes on about the attire that she wears...And even implies that she may be a prostitute.
This song is long as fuck. Honestly. Fuck.

11. Lost

This song is good shit.
Doesn't seem quite hype enough for a club song, but it's still good regardless
One of the few songs you'd catch me bumpin in public
Anyway, another song about girls and drugs.
I'm sure there's some other concepts that you have laying around here, Frank.
What I got from this was Titties, and Drugs.
Like, trafficking the drugs on her double d's or some shit?
I'm not even sure...But yeah. At least the beat is dope.
Was a pretty chill song as far as vocals go, in Frank's standards.

12. White (feat. John Mayer)

I sat here the entire time waiting for some vocals to kick in.
Frank, I feel trolled.
Whatever though, nothing to hate about it. It is what it is.

13. Monks

Songs like this...Eh...Where it's a fast beat and they still try to do the
Singing/Rapping thing on it annoy me
They really don't fit together.
Anyway, I'm guessing the entire time he's comparing
Monks, to the audience, or OF...pretty sure just the audience though.
This song probably won't get much replay to be honest, maybe I'm just losing patience.
It's hot as fuck in this room mane...but yeah.
I forgot that R&B can get repetitive too. The concept.

14. Bad Religion

Funny how this all happened in the back of the taxi cab huh.

"If it brings me to my knees
It's a bad religion
This unrequited love
To me it's nothing but a one-man cult
And cyanide in my styrofoam cup
I can never make him love me
Never make him love me"

Now you can say he was talking about his "unrequited love"
Or anything else
But in the end, you saw what he said within the first two bars.
He could mean actual religion, a cult(basically religion, or the guy in the letter he wrote)...
So it could stand for anything. But... I'll will take the bar in the literal sense.
I'm sure we've all known this
But shit, it's clear that this guy just needs a damned hug and a pat on the head.
Apparently he just wants to be loved for who he is.
Not sure if that's personality wise, or sexuality wise.
Possibly both, but shit. Millions of fans embraced you coming out of the closet.
I don't know a single person in this day and age who hate people such as you.
I'm sure there are some out there, but the margin is becoming smaller and smaller everyday.
Either way, whatever's causing you to write all these soft ass heartbreak songs
You gotta drop that shit.
Go be happy.

15. Pink Matter (feat. AndrĂ© 3000)

I was waiting for this song for SO fckin' long.
This is my favorite song on the album, hands down.
The BEST part about this song...Fuck
If y'all didn't already know, Dragonball Z is my shit.
So when I heard him mention Majin Buu...Pink Matter...Grey Matter
He instantly earned my props

Note: Pink Matter is also referring to the color of a woman's vaginal walls

And Grey matter is located in your brain.
Almost as if one is the positive side..Of sex/love pretty much. But compares that to...-> (Happy Majin Buu..Who looks like cotton candy)
And Grey matter is the negative, evil side. (Grey, Evil Buu)
In the series, you had pink happy buu, who had evil inside of it, and decided to split with it
Thus creating a pure evil buu, and a good, pure buu.


And of course, the long awaited return of Andre' 3000
We all know this Andre
He tore this shit up, flow was perfect.
And didn't disappoint.
There's really no real need to break down his verse
It's pretty straight forward.

16. Forrest Gump

I'm hoping this is the last Frank Ocean moment on this album.
I like how he kind of took a break inbetween the songs to give the listener a chance to regroup from the last one.
Gotta be the only person on this earth who hasn't ever seen Forrest Gump.
So, I had to do a little background while listening.
First line though? I've never seen a male cheerleader
But whatever, I guess i understand the image he was trying to portray in that regardless.

Am I the only one who wonders who the hell this guy that Frank loves/loved actually is?
I'm sure he has to feel some way about it now seeing that Frank is blowing up and all that.
That's assuming he cares about money.
Which actually makes all of this funny
A guy who kind of...Rejected you years back
And you're still making song about him, telling him you'll always love him
If I was him i'd file a restraining order or some shit
Idk, just the thought. People who love hard like that sometimes end up killing the other person for hurting them like that.

He's probably on his way out of this country as we speak.

Anyway, real peaceful song. No hate against it.
Have to admit, it probably took balls to put this song out

17. End

Basically this is Voodoo...But waaay turned down.
And I'm not reviewing Voodoo...but "End"
Soo...Basically "End" is Voodoo being played in the background
With a video...well reenacting a scene from ATL
Where New-New tells T.I...or Rashad how she thinks he "skates"
Or how she feels about him, either one works I guess iuno.
Still haven't seen that movie straight through. So whatever.


Iight man...This took way longer than it should have too. But i finished at a good time.
12:01 a.m.
This album was good, and has a lot of replay value.
I'll give it a...
8/10. And I'm not even into R&B like that, so that says a lot.
Lookin' forward to hearin more from Frank.
But in other news...

I need to go play some football or some shit after hearing all of this
My testosterone took a nosedive before it was even halfway through.

Happy October 1st.

*punches a wall*

Spread the love, Spread the word.