Dry eyes and bad information.

I shaved my nose this morning. Very uncomfortable experience.

Not sure how to feel about today

Basically, the title. I've been told multiple things today that would usually put me in a bad mood.

But for some reason, I don't care as much as I usually would.

Of course, I'm still taking things into account, but just not letting emotions get involved.

Meh, whatever. I'm too _____ to really care to type about it anymore.

Don't even feel like watching...nvm.

Just a quick note...if something is free, don't complain about it.

You gave nothing to get what you got.

FYI...I'm talking about things out of the good in someone's heart.

You have all the right in the world to complain about a free punch to the face.

But anyway, I remember _____
had a boyfriend.

And he would bring her food to the house every other day or so, just trying to be nice.

And sometimes he wouldn't get the order right.

She would get the FREE food, and then complain about the FREE food that she got.


Even if its not up to your standards, you were given it with no exchange.

This is just an example of how picky humans can be.

I'm sure there's someone out there who would be MORE than happy with a free cheesesteak

Show your gratitude and hand it over if you're gonna complain about it.

Never understood why people complain about things that they get theirself involved in.

Like me going into a club and then complaining about club music.

Why go in there to hear something you don't like?