So the second presidential debate was on earlier...

And I must say, i'll never watch it again while on ANY social networks. 

Not like I think votes matter anyway

But the things people say while it's going on never ceases to disappoint me.

If you want to support Obama or Romney, do it.

But at least have a REASON to besides skin color.

Twitter would die down a bit whenever Obama was talking

And then go WILD when Romney was talking. 

As if they listened to Obama, but when Romney started to speak, they turned their ears the other way.

This is for the people who think voting matters. 

I saw all sorts of stupid tweets and i ended up unfollowing a good portion of people for their display of pure ignorance. 

I hate to make it a race issue, but that's what it's looking like on my timeline. 

The majority of people I follow, are of African descent. 

"TeamObama! Fuck Romney! Obama look like he wanna punch Romney! Romney lookin' like a bitch up there!"


No one was REALLY listening(Doesn't matter if you were) 

And it seems like Romney is actually gaining more supporters on the scale of the country. 

I'm not supporting either side, and i wouldnt tell anyone to. But if you MUST care about it...Be considerate. 

Don't tell me my vote matters, you don't know that. 

I don't know what it is about humans, but they want a leader. 


The blind DO need to be lead.

And the weak DO flock together.