They say never form a bond with the food you eat.

As of right now, I feel as if there should never be any kind of physical bond on this earth.

Considering nothing here lasts forever, a weak mind would snap after forming a strong bond with an object or organism...

I guessed man damned itself, huh.

I've said it before, solitary confinement after a life of physical contact is torture.

To think, of all things this is part of the treatment given to some serial killers.

They know what that does to a human mind. In some cases it will even make the person form bonds with inanimate objects. For the sake of having something to talk to.

Ever seen castaway? Exactly.

Spirits don't die.

So is that kind of connection what I'm looking for? Probable.

I've been known for making many comparisons between animals and humans.

But at the same time, why would you want to be like something else?

You are what you are for a reason, so act like it. the same time.

Everything can learn something from anything.

Observe your choices.