Bet...Oh goodness.

I don't even know how i should approach this subject to be honest.

But whatever...

If you've been reading this from the start, you'll know that 8th-9th grade wasn't exactly...Good.

There were a few things that i left out, that i'll get more into detail with at another time

But for now...

Story time.

Let's see...I think it was mid-to the end of 8th grade.

Me in school...Just being the regular shy kid

And from that standpoint, you really realize ranks pretty easily.

And we all know of them.

The one girl every guy wants, and the one guy every guy wants.

I mentioned my luck was bad right?

Anyway, the guy was just baggin' girls left and right like it was nothin

They were literally just throwing it at him like it wasn't nothin

I'd known him since elementary school, but we never even said as much as a "What's up?"

To each other. So for whatever reason, towards the end of the year we became cool.

The girls kinda wanted us both, so we'd make deals and bets with each other

Like "Yo i bet you can't fuck her by the end of the year".


"I bet you won't kiss her right now" Type shit

Time moved on, and I'm guessing he got bored with girls or some shit.

He just told me one day that he's bi.

Needless to say, that threw me off.

But, I try to not be mean. I'm like alright.

He's still cool, just as long as he doesn't start tryna come at me, then we're cool.

And it was like that for a while

Next time I talk to him, this dude's all out gay. And admits it.

Even still, I'm like cool. I don't discriminate, he's still cool. Just don't come at me like that.

I keep lettin' that shit pass until he literally starts hittin' me up every day

With smiley faces and tellin me goodnight n shit.

I'm like...Yo...Chill out son. You cool and all but don't be smiling at me.

It was only a matter of time, I saw the next thing coming.

Him admitting that he actually likes me and wants to have sex.

I try to play it off cool like nah yo chill stop playin

But he's dead serious, so I'm like...Alright I just won't see him ever again. School's over anyway.

It was different before i knew he had a sexual attraction to me

Just didn't feel comfortable being around him.

So he keeps trying to invite me over his house. Insisting he wouldn't try anything.

Whenever he'd ask I'd just stop talking to him until he changed the subject.

And after awhile it just got to the point where I just had to stop talking to him.

Just ignored him completely. He took it badly and sent me this paragraph saying he'll never message me again.

He was true to his word at least.

So time passes, I never see him again.

Here's where it gets weird. Yeah, now.

I'm chillin with my homeboy at school, and he starts talking about the first person's sister and how he was trying to have sex with her at one point

And while he was chillin' with her over her house, the first person came downstairs...

And everytime when the dude's sister wasn't looking, he'd wink at him.

It got to the point where he just left the house because he felt like this dude was about to try some shit.

Even worse.

I had ANOTHER friend who told me the SAME SHIT about this guy.

I'm like...What?

As if this dude is just out on the prowl for any guy to walk across his way.

The shit scared me, like a rapist just riding around in his car choosing who's next.

I just feel sorry for whoever the victim was.

Then again...he wan't a rapist...soo...