Iight so...I've been waitin to do this review for weeks now.

Shit finally came out so let's get into it.

There were a LOT of ciphers this year, but mostly from people who no one knew.

So...I'm not going to be reviewing those, i'd be here all day.

BTW: The key.

Green name = Good

Red name = Average

Brown name = Shitty

West Coast Cypher:

                                                                 "Domino muthaf*cka..."

Xzibit - I ain't heard of this dude since NFL street vol.2. You can say whatever you want about this man. His verse in this cypher was dope. "Pressure push your forehead through the back of your brain".
He was kinda lookin' constipated the entire time he was rappin' but that's really nothin' new. And even with a good verse, I have a hard time taking him serious due to internet memes.

YG - Get the fuck out of here. No, just no. I can't.

Kurupt - Man, your name annoys me. But the flow he had was cool. Almost thought it was snoop spittin' for  a sec...but... C'mon son...You said "Every every time". I don't care if it's a quote. That shit wasn't cool at all. This is on the same level as DNA's "Something something...". Nothin' in here really stood out to me, but it wasn't bad either.

                                                Maybe if i think I'm cool, other people will too.

E-40 - Straight up, that voice and flow are a neutral way. Not good, but not bad either. But i'd rather have something original like yours than it be recycled. Anyway, besides all the extra stuff, if you actually listen to what he was saying, he ripped this track up. "She think I'm a jpeg, she wanna get attached". That was cool. The most annoying this about this though is the "uuhrh" noise he makes. This dude even has his own dictionary of words that he's made up.

DJ Quik - Idk, maybe the fact that i know he's a DJ just kind of made me not care for his verse. But he get's all props for rapping AND doing the beat at the same time. I can't hate on that. Multitasking at it's best.

Kendrick Lamar - Nah son...nah son naaah. You don't even get a rating. I'm not going to sit here and decipher your verse either. But for the most part, it's a lupe-like message within the verse. But yeah. No rating for you my good sir. Unseen green.

Snoop Dogg Lion - I was pretty much distracted by the grey hair he has the entire time he was rapping. Like damn snoop, never thought i'd see the day. I thought he would have went bald by now. But he did his thing on this. The usual 16-type of bars that you'd expect from snoop...He spells his name in the midst of his verse.  Nothing too special, but it was cool to see him back on the scene.


The Grand Hustle Cypher. 

Trae The Truth - Really haven't done too much listenin' to this dude. But the fact that he punched Mike Jones is hilarious. It just seems to me like he's TOO laid back. Like he never gets excited about anything. Either way, his verse was dope. Nothin' to take away.

Chip -  Nah son. Nah. The U.K accent annoys the hell out of me, and your name is chip. You might have actually been spittin' some real stuff. Why is he a part of Grand Hustle?

Iggy - Why is she a part of Grand Hustle?! I never cared much for her music. I heard one song awhile ago and it sucked. In this cipher i didn't mind her too much to be honest. She didn't spit no extra corny shit. Just a good thing she ended it when she did, it was going downhill. You get pink.

Bobby Ray - Man...I remember back in 08 or 09 when I was one of the only people bumpin' your music. So i guess I can see why you changed your entire style up, you have a lot more fans but this pop shit you're doing just ain't cuttin' it for me. But aside from you soundin' a lot like Andre.
"That's who your girl thirstier than third world villages
Mentally, I am absurd, I understand, my life is a blur
You might be concerned I'm as high as a bird, remembering things that didn't occur"
That didn't fit the beat at ALL. And it threw me off. Idk what beat you wrote for, but it wasn't this one.
 You get pink too.

T.I - Haven't heard from this dude in so long, and i can't bring myself to care enough about what he has to say. But i did anyway.
After this "Make them acknowledge I'm the hottest at making hip
Explain being modest,
Demolish hater's egos by being honest, you garbage"
I kind of stopped caring, the rest was about money...girls...meh. Heard it a million times, nothin' special.


The Man With The Iron Fists Cypher

Angel Haze - I've never heard of her until today, but that doesn't take anything away from this verse.
These cyphers were startin to let me down. She can spit I can't even lie. Had a few quotables in there too.
"I swear I never even lost in a coin toss
So, bow down to me niggas if you talking deep shit
I'll drown you niggas
Somebody find my rocket cause I'm literally off it
I'm in the murder business I just spit you bitches a coffin"


Joey Bada$$ - Man, never wanted to listen to this dude because of his name. Just the name in itself just sounds like he's a generic ass rapper from the trap or some shit. People keep tellin' me how good his tape was but i never bothered to listen to it. After hearing this cipher, I think I will. Shouts to rapgenius.

"Tell them government spies I won't cover my eyes
Won't cower, won't move, cuz' I don't move like a coward
Knowledge is power, and the flower of life is ours
Get inside (?), maybe you can see the towers
Towel your dirty mind and maybe you'll unleash the power
We all got the potential in our body and soul
Probably you know I found mines right through the pencil
Started bodying flows"

Tell me that isn't damn near the same stuff I type on here.
I had no choice but to like this verse.
Good shit.

Driicky Graham - Eh, he got a pretty good crowd reaction when he came up. Guess I'm the only one who doesn't know who he is. He was jumpin' around too much, a shufflin guy. Ain't really feel his flow, and the stewie griffin line has been said before...and so was the Mortal Kombat "finish him" line. But, he did say a few things I did like. Sooo no hate. Wasn't horrible.
Damn new the entire time he was spittin'. Rocky was back there with the same look I had on my face.

Childish Gambino -  This was probably the most creative verse so far. The only verse who i'd really see confused people multiple times. Aside from the west coast cipher. I thought his verse was a little overhyped until i really took a second to listen to what he was saying.
"Still good with a pen no Joe Paterno"
"Niggas move that Kreayshawn, nah I don't carry mine"
"Rap game in the fast lane with a gas tank
Filled with half of these trash lames
I have to say I'm such a Joey's last name"

And the famous

"He on BET and he got white people problems
Like... Whole foods doesn't have the juice I like so I have to go to, you know... Trader Joe's
And have it shipped to me"

I don't see anyone else in this cipher toppin' that.

A$AP Rocky - Honestly a little too much hype for him, but whatever.
His verse wasn't bad at all, but there were a few things that kinda...idk I just ain't like about it.
Idk why i expected more from him, but it is what it is.
His destiny is to be the "new Pac"...that's a little high, but it's always good to aim high.
Certain lines he said are just played out...such as
"Bitches think they bad til I drop them like habits"
"My first four words was
'Fuck you, pay me' "




No title...?

Jaybird - "All Eyez On Me, I'm way (tu)2pac-er than you"


Hopsin -  How many times are these rappers gonna talk about Pac in their rhymes? This is like the 3rd time so far that i've noticed.
Buuut, damn this verse was dope. Reminded me on eminem in a way.
How he said

"Grab your slurpee and popcorn, I'm bout to make it hot for em
They didn't even invite me to this I just walked on"

Dope, just reminded me of old Em.
Anyway, damn he ripped this beat to tracks.
I don't even wanna talk about it anymore
Ima just quote the rest of his verse.
Feel free to skip it

"Don't dare to try it if you scared of dyin'
I'm terrifyin', the real Boogie Man, who even got your parents hidin'
When you're sleeping, I'll find your window, and just stare inside it
I'm a animal, momma raised me inside a lair with lions
Prepare for violence, Funk Volume's an unfair alliance
We embarrass giants, and rip mic's till we get laryngitis
My wave's sitting like a sandstorm, and I know what you mad for
Cause I'm living my dream, and yours"

Schoolboy Q - mm...Kinda disappointed in his cipher. It wasn't where I expected it to be
But then again...when i look back to his songs...they aren't exactly lyricism at it's best either.
Was cool, but could have done better i guess.

Mac Miller - Nice lil flow he had going on here. I really ain't care much about what he was saying.
It was cool though.

                                                           Say i won't smack you, i dare you.

Mystikal - ...

What the fuck?

Nah seriously what the fuck.
Son I don't even know what he was saying.
But him and DMX...son...nah son...nah
He gets red just for being him man. I enjoyed his performance.



The Ruff Ryders Cypher. W/Cassidy and Mook

I've been waiting for this shit. Mainly to see how DMX fairs up nowadays. So let's get this started.

Mook(Murda Mook) - Oh goodness...Man I remember back in 2005 watchin this dude in rap battles.
He's def one of the greatest when it comes to it. If you're looking for reference videos, don't watch his battle vs Iron Solomon. But besides that, he had some good shit in this verse. Glad to see he finally made it on bet.
Guess it was chosen after the jay-z and diddy cosigns.

Cassidy - What's so funny about him being on here, is that a few years ago him and Mook had beef. And were supposed to battle each other but it never happened. At least they patched things up though. Anyway,
cassidy did what you'd expect from Cassidy. He walked up lookin' like he doesn't have a neck. But aside from that the only thing I didn't like about his cipher was the Michael Vick line. Only because it's been said a million times. The letter "i" punch line was hot though, and so was the spaghetti legs line.

Eve -
I wasn't expectin' too much. But damn son, she tore it up.
Mainly because she was pretty much the only woman on here who's been established in the rap industry.
You can tell she's more experienced with flows and lines.
Never listened to much of her old stuff, but still.
She's underrated. end of story.

DMX (DontcallmeMystikalX) - The moment of truth...oh goodness.

He honestly did better than i thought he was gonna do. If you've seen him in his recent interviews he's been tweeking some crazy shit. Damn near speaking braille.
Anyway, damn bruh Cassidy beat you to that spaghetti line. I know you had at least 5 minutes to go back and rewrite that line after that.
There was so much censoring going on, I'm really not sure what the hell he was talking about for the most part.
But the ones I did hear weren't TOO bad.


The Cypher

I don't feel like doing this anymore, oh goodness. But I have to.

Jean Grae -  I thought she'd look different, but ayo get her outta here son.

I mean that in the BEST way possible. She too good for this cipher man. I sat here watching her, and just the way she approached the cam...I just KNEW she was gonna do TOO good on this shit.
Like yo, she said "Quarter Loch Ness, 75% Chuck Norris"

" 2012, stop saying 'femcee'
It's not a word, I'll hop the curb and hit you with my ten-speed
Bike spokes everywhere
Hi folks, I'm very rare
Veteran who's getting better every year"

Nah son, Jean you got my respect. Good shit.

Sarkodie - Respect to this guy, but damn. They really gave this guy the subtitles. All i heard was "WHAT ELSE?! NOW ITS OVER"...And it was over. I give him a green for flow and content. Not many mc's actually rep Africa. So it's nice to see that going on.


Ab-Soul -  I already knew he was gonna put in work before he even said anything.
The way he started it off was perfect.

"I'm decent but I'm despicable
Spittin' the inexplicable
Pickin' sticks out the piccolo, tickle your brain ventricles"

Honestly, at this point. He's damn near, if not on Kendrick' level or passed it.
Don't shoot me down for this, but i find myself looking up Ab-souls lyrics a lot more often than I do Kendrick's.
And whenever I do, it's some deep shit that i look into and end up learning something new at the end of the day. Sucks he literally HAS to wear those sunglasses 24/7 though. Can't imagine having to do that.
He's probably used to it by now though.

Talib Kewli - Everybody knows of this guy. Hasn't really been putting out much music to my knowledge though, if he has then excuse me.
"It's funny they want me to spit
When really they never play me though
On the real, the alternative is what you hear on the radio"

It's funny he can say stuff like that, and no one catches it. But i guess it gives reasurrence.

"Fashion designer rappers
Wanna climb back inside of their Mama's vaginas"

I love it when rappers call out other rappers on their bullshit that they're portraying to the world. I respect Talib for that.
The rest of his cipher was cool too. Nothing to hate on
This seemed to be the only line people paid any mind to.

"I'm Frank Ocean at a Chik-Fil-A, I'll never get served"




Was all in good fun. As always, this lasted WAY longer than I thought it was going to

I don't know if anyone is going to sit here the entire time and read all of this.

But, just in case someone does, it counts.

Making a funny closing statement just isn't within me right now

Now, to eat and possibly watch "The Butterfly Effect"