Art Class

Despite what i've said about the class, I guess i've learned more from it than i thought.

And most of it wasn't intentional.

It was something that the teacher said, and i can't remember which one said it.

But it was us drawing landscapes. And the teacher noticed something off about most of the pictures

Is that a lot of people weren't drawing what they see.

The same thing happened with self-portraits and everything else.

As if your mind is already set on how something SHOULD look

So when you're faced to draw someone, you decide how their nose should look, their shoes...etc.

And this is the problem that most people have with drawing something while looking at it.

Even from a young age, to keep things "simple" we're taught to draw stuff like this.

                                                                    Perfect 3 song mixtape.

Your mind stays in this box longer than you'd think

Although usually, half of the sun is cut out by the corner.

That thought came to me in a dream.

Along with the thought that "Education is the thing right now"

I'm not sure of the significance of either one of them at this moment.

But, i'm sure it'll all connect pretty soon.