Apples and stuff


Today was...interesting to say the least. But overall...idek.

Might go into detail another time.

After doing...whatever up the street from my house.

I'm walking back home, pull one out and light it up.

Relaxed as fuck.

So walking down the street cold, i pass a tree.

As I'm walking passed it, I felt something wet and cold hit my shoulder.

Mind you, it's dark as hell outside.

So first thing i think, oh shit it's gonna start raining soon

But it was way too heavy to be a raindrop.

I ignore it for a bit.

But as i keep walking, I realize that it was the ONLY raindrop it felt within the last 20 steps.

So I'm like nah yo, what the hell is on my shoulder.

I look to my left...and...It's a white liquid.


What took a shit on my shoulder...

It's DARK as HELL outside.

So, i assume that it was probably a bat, cool.

But I look up, and the sky is COMPLETELY free of anything.

??? What took a shit on my shoulder ???

I'm not even sure that it was shit at this point. I really didn't get to look at it too well.

I start looking around on the ground for something, anything to wipe it off.

Nothing but grass, and i didn't plan on grabbing a handful of that, and it turns out that it was actual shit in the spot i'd go to get the grass from.

So it's time to check my pockets...Lighter, iPod, Keys, Earbuds, my I.D.

Wipe it off on the ipod and break it? nope.

Burn it off with the lighter? nope.

Earbuds? nope.

Last choice.

So i kinda flick it off and scrape the remains off and rub it in the grass to get whatever else off of it.

Nasty, but I couldn't walk the rest of the way home with a big hunk mystery goo staring at me on my shoulder.

So nah son...


*Bites into an apple*

They say the seeds are actually poisonous.

But you'd have to eat a large amount of the seeds for anything to actually happen


*eats a seed*