I'm attempting to end this night a little earlier than last night. a little earlier. I mean by about 6 hours.

I actually prefer waking up in the morning opposed to always seeing the night sky every day.

About the album/mixtape reviews. The only ones I see dropping are from people who I don't listen to

Ya know, the usual mainstream music that comes out. Have nothin' against it...really.

It's just not my taste. But it has it's place to be played.

For my sake, hopefully something drops soon.

Anyway, animals.

Why is it that humans have to be the worst thing that has ever happened to this planet?

Honestly, from what we're told.

The cause of pollution, deforestation, animals going extinct...etc

Are all because of human. The planet by itself is honestly better off without them at this point.

Hate to say it, but it is what it is.

A few things that have caught my attention though, stories.

Ever heard a story of an animal that can predict when particular things are going to happen? Or even just be aware of what most humans aren't...of.

Hell if i know if it's true or not.

But you have the cats and dogs that know when you're about to have a seizure or a heart attack

Some that can even tell in a person who has diabetes if their blood sugar is too high or too low.

Cats were damn near worshiped in Egypt.

Apparently due to keeping down the snake and mouse population.

Mice/Rats would eat the crops, snakes would eat the mice...but also bite/kill people

And cats would kill them both.

So they were a big part of their survival as a whole.

 Just makes me wonder, why do humans just seem so out of place on this earth.

Literally the only one that fails in almost any way possible...At least modern humans.

But at the same time of animals surpassing humans physically.

Humans seem to have the upper hand mentally.

But, i guess everything is born to suit it's own environment.

Why be born with birds vision and a monkey's strength, when you aren't going to be using that on a daily basis? Same with animals.

Maybe once you were, but over years of not using it, it slowly faded away.

The hair on your body basically serves no real purpose, besides on your head.

It's not nearly enough to keep you warm in cold weather.

Whereas it's essential to most mammals.

But, as far as which is actually SMARTER?

I'd say neither, but both being well suited.

There's no need for an animal to know how to build rocket ship and save up for a college fund.

They don't live in that particular environment, so having those thoughts or actions would be rendered useless.

Most of them naturally know what to do in the wild.

While most humans would starve to death or be killed due to lack of knowledge.

But then again

You are what you want yourself to be.