I apologize for my lack of activity.

Being back on the Internet has kept me a little busy lately.

Aka, the passed two days.

While I was gone, people started rumors that I died, or got kidnapped

Other people saw it and called my phone, came to my house, called my parents phones...etc.

To me, that didn't seem like a big deal. But it got to a certain level where the rumors weren't funny anymore to the people around me.

Like, rumors I was kidnapped by the illuminati were hilarious.

"We gon get dem erlermunahdi..."

There's a book I want to read into.

Called "The Golden Bough"

My art teacher recommended it after a short conversation about origins and word of mouth.

Apparently it also had an impact in the guys picture to your right(if you're on the computer)

And a lot of other people.

So yeah, something to check out soon. They don't have it in the library...(of course) so reading it online will have to do for now.

Right now I can't seem to focus on anything. I stopped watching those films about 5 days ago and it's just been torture to me.

It's all to save myself. Cold turkey.

Maybe I should tune it down to once a week first. But idk.

Gotta keep myself busy...

And this next week is going to be no fun with a possible hurricane, and no sun at all.

Nature is really trying me right now.