You have no idea how much it annoys me

That I don't like this particular currency that we use in the U.S.

But yet STILL have to use it to get what I want.

Unless I spend years leaning how to make all of this stuff for myself.

Which...Would take money to get the materials to do so.

Or at least a license. Which would probably cost money.

Hm...Maybe "modern" life just isn't for me.

Perhaps I belong preaching on the streets and to the people in need.

This world needs...

I'll save the rest for the next post.
I almost feel back in tune with my regular senses

Definitely lost it for a few days, but certain things have to occur to get back in my "zone"

 Today was the first time in awhile, that it felt like I was literally called outside by nature

Something about the way the sun was hitting my window made me want to go out.

Just went out there to relax.

One of these days I need to take another walk through the woods.

I do now however, feel a lot more comfortable in there.

Maybe because I'm just used to walking through it.

But still, assuming nature may do one thing could end up with you being killed if judged wrongly.

Listen to your gut.

Anyway...New week. Maybe i'll start reviewing two albums or mixtapes a week.

Most likely just one a week though.

Any suggestions...Email...Or any of the other ways to contact me to the right.

Think i'll watch FightClub or something on OnDemand.

Last time I checked it they took the national geographics...science...ALL that shit off.

So there's literally NOTHING to learn from watching ANYTHING on there.

Either they're doing it to fuck with me.

Or people just find learning anything so boring that it received low ratings and they had no choice.

Gotta check that out in a bit.

In other news, check out this.