I'm not too proud of this halloween...and...

To think, the one time I don't leave out of the house for Halloween.

Just so happens to be the same day everyone COULD have died.

I'm sitting in my room and dinner's on the stove.

I notice that i keep hearing noise in the kitchen

I just assume someone is in there messing with the food

As time goes on the smell of burning food or gets stronger and stronger

Turns out no one was in the kitchen the entire time

And the kitchen is full of smoke, like almost hard to see.

I turn off the fire and just...damn

(My cat ain't make no type of noise or the smoke detector)

The thought that the entire house could have been burned down along with the people in there sucks

So i guess it's a good thing I didn't leave out at all, even though the nights not over with yet.

Anyway, happy halloween. Y'all.