You're weird.

"Sometimes when I'm alone, I fill a garbage bag with jello and sit in it, and pretend I'm a fetus"

I'm sucking on apple seeds...

So apparently there's a little breakout of mosquitos carrying West Nile in the U.S

Heard about it a few weeks ago.

And I can't help but think of what it would be like to have West Nile...

I hear there's about 25 cases so far, and 2 people have died

But can't help to think that the 2 people who did die

Were the type of people who try to tough everything through

On some "I don't need a doctor" type shit.

And then ended up being extremely sick...losing weight...and eventually dying.

Anything's possible.

Call me stupid if you want. It'll hit home regardless.

But sometimes i wonder would it would be like to have some type of...Virus...Or disease

Not on some STD type of shit. But on some "omg he's sick and he could die any minute" shit

But then in the end, overcoming it and living

What do you call a Self-Narcissist? Maybe that's the correct vocabulary...I don't feel like googling it.

Maybe I'm a little over confident within my body. Meh. Nothing wrong with believing within myself.

Does smoking weaken your immune system? I hear it does, but again...I don't feel like googling it.

It's a possible habit I may pick up in about 4 days. POSSIBLE.

And if you're not dating me, don't complain.

It's not pushing me back any further away from what I'm trying to convey. the moment...I'm REALLY not sure of what that is.

When I see negative outcomes, i'll cease continuation.

After this blog reached 3000, i no longer kept purposely searching for cheap views.

It's quality, not quantity.

I'd rather have 3 loyal readers, than 300 people who just visit the page because i spam a link somewhere, who have no real interest within the blog.

I thank everyone regardless.

Spread the love, Spread the word.

By the way. Check out this.