Okay so...I broke my promise a few posts ago.


It was really on accident...It really was.

But meh, guess i'll start over again.


The left side of my head's been aching a lot lately

Not sure why, but it seems to happen when i have sex on my mind.

Maybe it's my brain tryna tell me to say **** it.

So, abiding by my brain...For now. **** it.

I MUST stop procrastinating. A few days ago a friend of mine let me have his skateboard

Yeah it's not new, but it functions. So it's good enough.

And i've been planning on taking it out to test it for the passed 2-3 days.

But never got around to doing it.

I even put off plans with someone for it, and ended up not doing anything at all.

Can't be that afraid to bust my ass again.

Even though it's been awhile. But hey, you live and learn.

Ima keep this short though, the longer i stare at this screen, the more i'm tempted, the more my brain hurts.


Commercial Break.

(comes back 2 minutes later)

Bruh, I'm losing weight...muscle mass.

Really haven't been eating too much lately

Actually prolonged myself from eating for a good 5hrs due to a game i was playing.

So...Ima go eat some fruits and vegetables.

No matter how corny that sounds.

I could give a--

-cut scene-