Where are they now?

Cool, I'm back at 50%. Who would have known a simple change in deodorant would change my life?

I finally shaved today, didn't go too well though.

It was like...pushing a lawnmower through a rainforest.

But, it worked, and im feelin' good. Starting over.


Top Five... "Where are they now?"

5. Yung Berg

Let's see...Last i remember hearing from this dude...He dropped the "sexy can i" song.
At least i think? Wait no last i remember hearing from this dude
He was getting his chain snatched about 3 times a week.
And then the chain was passed around, until everyone had their turn with it
Like being in school and the teacher passes around a picture for everyone to see.
As far as i know, it's been given to charity now.

(He really vanished though...David Blaine overdid his self here...)

Can he make a comeback?

Don't think so


Speaking of Yung Berg...

4. Ray J

Let's see...Last i remember hearing from this dude...He dropped the "sexy----
I just typed that.
Anyway, we all remember the sex tape. I think he got tired of living behind Brandy's shadow and made a leap of faith.
Besides hearing about him "slapping fabulous" Which is still funny to this day
Last thing i've heard from him was finding Whitney Houston dead.
And i have NO idea if that' a good look or not for him.
Can he make a comeback?

For the love of Ray J 2?


3. DMX

"X gone give it to ya..."

At one point, this guy was at the head of the game.
But, due to legal issues and other factors...he fell off...HEAVY.
Along with the rumor going around that he's using drugs.
I'm not sure if it's true or not...But meh.
I don't even remember the last thing i've seen or heard from him
Besides the illuminati videos about him and such.
Which...I don't fully believe in, but anything's possible.
Now whenever you see him in a video, he's pretty hard to comprehend.
And he's talking trash about a rapper...Most famously, Drake.
So it kind of put him in a box.
And honestly i don't think he could make a comeback at this point
Unless he heavily changes his message and music to suit the new gen.
But even if he does that, the old gen probably won't like it.
So it's a lose-lose situation.
Guess we'll just have to wait for his album to come out and we'll see.

2. Dipset

If you were on youtube in the early days...you'll understand

Nuff said.

1. Akon

"IM LOCKEED UPPPP!....................WON'T LET ME OUT!!"
Don't lie, that was your shit back in the day.
I remember girls used to be all over this guy.
Then one faithful day we find out he's dry humping a 14 or 15-yr old girl on stage or some ish.
Which lost him TONS of sponsors and support...
And as if things couldn't get ANY worse...*sigh*
I know we all remember this.

It doesn't get more worse than body slamming one of your fans at your own concert.
Now, Akon claims that this was actually staged.
Regardless, files were still charged against him.
Bring into consideration, who he threw the kid into, and if that person was hurt or not.
Either way, that shit was hilarious when i first saw it.

Could he make a comeback?


It's possible.

(He really vanished though...Houdini overdid his self here...)

He's supposed to be dropping an album next year...which NO ONE knows about.

So...maybe not

There's a hell of a lot more, but there were the 5 off the top of my head

So yeah.

*reaches for frosted flakes*