Waiting for an Impression.

I keep having dreams of girls I once loved, or me being back in school and seeing them.

Seems like as of now I isolated myself from most people before they had a chance to do it to me.

It's probably better off this way.

Oh yeah, btw.

Live from the toilet.

I'm sweaty. I smell like I just f^+%{& an onion.

Whatever though.

Anyway, we all know that how someone looks MAY say a lot about the kind of life that they live.

Just giving people the impression.

So it annoys me when people dress certain ways then get mad when people criticize them.

Like yeah we know it's not right to judge someone, but if I see someone ringing my doorbell wearing bloody clothing.

I'm not going to assume that
he plans on discussing a 401k program.

If you dress homeless, people will assume such. If you dress like a hoe, same thing.

Like people upload pictures half naked them get mad at all the people in their inbox hitting them up. And calls them perves. Or ...date people who have a history of treating girls like shit.

Do you really expect to attract a person with good motives while you do things like that?

And the males are just as bad for getting mad if they turn you down or have a lot of people hitting on her.

Did you really expect to find a decent girlfriend making twerk videos anyway?

The hints are obvious and people just stay blind to them so they can see what they want to see.

As If that persons past is just going to vanish in thin air.

They say good things come to those that wait.

So what kind of things happen to people who take action?

You get what you work for.

*flushes the toilet*