How much does it really matter?

Do your votes really count? Or are you just taught to think that they count?

You have no way of actually seeing if your vote counted

Or if those are just fictional numbers.

I've always thought about that.

The people behind the president and the forerunners of who you actually see

Are going to make sure that they are in the best possible position.

And are going to make sure that they never lose the position

In their entire bloodline.

So say you have two candidates for president.

Whoever is behind the scenes already have who they want to be the face of the nation...atleast to the average citizen.

You really think that they would let the people vote for someone that would possibly run their organization into the ground?

Like "Oh we're gonna lose our money but oh well! The people voted for him"


I'm waving between lines of whether the president is a puppet, or if he isn't but he was still chosen from the start.

It could possibly be both, who would know?