Surprise Surprise!

So during the time that I wasn't gone...

I stayed up for about...2 days straight, I'm probably a few hours off. 

Due to parents arguing...the cat meowing...dreams...etc.

Last night I was watching a program on cannibalism 

I've always had a "thing" with blood. Not a fetish or turn on, but fascination. 

There is no joy that I get from seeing it, just putting it out there. 

But anyway, while watching the program, i suddenly got the urge to see it. 

So just as i was turning off my light, i noticed i had a pair of scissors laying around.

Needless to get into too much detail

I left about 6 marks on my forearms. 3 on each one.

The hardest part about doing this, is not knowing if you're cutting too deep or not. 

AND the scissors were dull, so that only added to the amount of pressure i was adding. 

They say a razor is easier, but knowing me i'd get carried away. 

Didn't really break the skin, but just...kinda left the mark swollen. 

I actually didn't mind the pain too much surprisingly. 

There's only ONE girl out there who MIGHT know that I'm SLIGHTLY Masochistic



Not proud, not ashamed. But it is what it is. 

*holds out fist for someone to dap me up...* 

No? Oh well.