Ever been somewhere in your house and something about the energy in there

Just feels...Off? 

Like, you feel exposed as if there's a window someone's looking through and seeing you on the other side. 

What if someone really was?

Or something...

You've been especially paranoid lately for some reason.

You feel like people want or are tampering with your food. 

Can't trust leaving your food near someone when you turn around.

You actually called your mom out on this a few days ago

Everytime you turned your back to her and your food to go grab something

She always moved closer to your stuff, and when you came back...She went back to her original position.

This happened about 3 times before you said something about it. 

But yo...

Being in your kitchen is the worst.

You live the entire experience as if it's a scary movie.

Opening up a door...*someone pops up behind the door* And when you close it, bam.

You've never had a particular good experience with black silhouettes. 

But after a few months of it not happening, It seems like it's happening again. 

Just earlier you had your back turned and you felt the presence, or heard something kind of like a 

Step behind you.  Usually it's your pet.  But it was nothing there. 

Maybe you have a problem with turning your back.

Maybe something was there


Maybe you're just tripping. 

The people in your house are just starting to give off a bad vibe.

It's been so long since you've actually went outside just because. 

You usually only go out when you need to do something

But you assume that you've just been staying inside for too long.

But how long will it be before it's too late? 

Anything can happen at any possible time. 

Watch yourself.