School Memory Pt.3

When am I going to stop with these...

Anyway, this was an ongoing thing in middle school

From 6th-8th grade

There was a music teacher named Mrs.___________

Don't think I'm allowed to give out her name. But anyway, everyone hated her.

She was one of the teachers who took small things too seriously

There simply was no..."chilling" in that class.

So after awhile...people got fed up with it and started firing back at her.

I mean everything in the book.

There was one time someone filled up a condom with chocolate milk and threw it inside of her classroom

It popped at her feet.

Did it stop there? No.

Short while after that, someone decided to steal her phone.


Looking back now...It was pretty stupid to steal a boost mobile.

But whatever, it was good for it's time.

I'm pretty sure that they never found who took the phone.

Whenever they checked one person for it, he just passed it to the next person, and so on and so forth.

Did it stop there? I wish.

In my class, i'll never forget this.

Someone took a naked crayon(someone stripped it of it's paper :( )

And threw it to the back of her head.

I still don't know who did it, i just saw it flying through the air in ultimate grace

So she picks it up with a napkin

Talking about "they can trace this for fingerprints to see who did it!"

Meanwhile she's molesting the crayon with the napkin, smudging all evidence of any fingerprints upon it.

Did it stop there?


Anyway, this time I was the culprit.

There was a random stink bomb sitting on the ground

I'm guessing someone failed to set it off.

So, i picked it up...Carried it downstairs to her room.

Stomped it, saw it inflating, then i ran off.

Shortly after this, they put cameras near her room.

I'm guessing she complained about the treatment that she was receiving.

But it still didn't stop people from playing ding-dong-ditch with her door.

Did she deserve it?

Well...she DOES not.

I'm so hungry, I could ride a horse.