School Memory Pt.2

Alright so...This one takes place in middle school.

Anyway, Like i said before...This was during my whole...phase.

Thinkin' I'm tough and what not...

It was just after gym, me and a couple people got down there early to the locker room while everyone was still playing kickball.

Turns out, a couple of people left their stuff out

Like binders and bookbags.

So me being the person I am...Realizing that one of the binders is my ex-bullies.

I take the chance I have and stomp his binder rings.

Like imagine this...

But the rings looking like The Big Show did a cannon ball on top of it.

Those rings were back flipping and flat lining

Anyway, he comes back to the locker room, and tries to act as if he doesn't know whose binder it is

So he doesn't look like a...yeah.

No one told who did it, lucky me right?

Fast forward a couple weeks...Or months.

Yes, you guessed it. Karma is a bitch.

Same situation, we're all in gym...On our way back down stairs to the locker room.

Turns out, the gym teacher never locked it up.

And i never use a locker, i just left my pants and stuff on the bench.

Should have known.

Some people snuck into there while the rest of us were in gym.

And ransacked the entire locker room.

I had...a Zune, Lunch money, keys, and a pencil.

And well...

I guess they're nice people...At least they let me keep my house keys.

Kept trying to ask the principle for some lunch money...

"Okay i'll give it to you at lunch"

Lunch comes and he doesn't want to be bothered...


Of course, the smart as gym teacher has to be Mr.Knowitall

And he goes around saying

"I know who did it! I know who did it too!"

"Y'all should have locked your stuff up!"

(Isn't locking the LOCKer room up a responsibility too?)

But yet he never revealed the names, to anyone one.

He's one of those teachers who thinks he has a shitload of power

And tried to abuse it at any chance but always failed and looked stupid.

What good came out of this?

He was fired.

And i got an iPod.