School Memory Pt.1

There's a few things I left out from school.

One that actually almost got me locked up and charged...

So I was in class, the girl(who was my recent ex at the time) sat next to me

She was sick and high off of Benadryl

So long story short...she was really dazed in class and was dozing in and out of sleep the entire time.

So me and a friend decided to start drawing on her arm.

She wrote "sex" and I drew penises on her.

She didn't notice...neither did the teacher. So eventually she wakes up and wants to go to the nurse...

This is where shit goes downhill

I leave out to go to the bathroom

I come back...turns out the nurse saw it, took pictures, and informed the police officers about it

I'm told to get my stuff, and I'm escorted from the classroom.

They take me to like 3 different places.

Before finally I'm in a room with 2 police officers and 2 counselors

I didn't snitch.(:

They're talkin to me like I'm some child rapist.

I could have easily said it was an elephants

Anyway, I make them laugh a little. Or at least smile.

But no, it's not over.

She makes me call my mom and tell her what happened...

Phone call was mad awkward, but I left out the detail that it was a dick.

So she gets the phone back and tells my mom that it's a dick.


The walk home is bad...

To make things worse I was late coming home

So it just added to the fuel when I did get home.

Long talks...yelling.

And all because of an elephant face.

Was it really that serious?