Say what...

Before i say anything. This is the funniest thing ever.

It's cold as shit in this room, my hands are almost iced...but i like it better this way.

Keeps me alert.


You know when you're little, and you're raised eating a particular food, then you won't mind the taste of the food.

Would this same concept work with sugar?

I've never met anyone who DOESN'T like sugar, or thinks it tastes nasty.

Like the person just eats vegetables all day long or some shit. I wonder if it's even possible sometimes.

I can't stress this enough, i've said it plenty of times today


Single-handedly the nastiest thing that i have ever tasted in my entire life.

Taste like they dead ass took a tomato, grass, pesticide covered grass...

*computer gets fucked up due to another virus...WHILE I was gettin' busy with a video...

blue more vids for me, guess that's what i get... :l learned my lesson*

And slam dunked that shit into a blender.

Something I read today made me want to read more

I want to learn more about the human body

Maybe it's not too late to change my goal

Guess it's a good thing I didn't really start doing much

Or else i'd be pretty disappointed.

I'd hate to have "nurse" before my name though, honestly.

But meh...whatever.

Let's break the chain of stereotypes.

Speaking of which...

It's like not caring is something that i've just become used to over time.

Never been for no apparent reason, but getting out of that circle is where I'm aiming right now.

Being positive...Happy...And...Idk having the ability to forgive and forget

Isn't easy to do at all, for me anyway.

A feat when everyone around you performs negative actions.

I say i don't hold grudges but i really do. I'll hold it against the person until i get a chance to throw it in their face.

Good thing to do? Probably not...I usually don't say anything until their in my shoes and i give them the same actions and keep doing it until they see... So they kind of learn to not do it again.

But in my eyes now, that's not exactly the best thing to do.

(Although i sure as hell enjoy it from time to time.)

Which is why at the end of certain blog posts, i tell you all

"Spread the love, Spread the word."

Just tired of the negativity, it's buggin' me heavy.

And not letting people control what mood you're in. At the end of the day, only what you do will make you truly happy.

For the record, I'm not on my super positive "gimme that christian side hug"

Type shit.

Just mellow, not having hate for anyone, or regret.

You have so much more control than what you think you do.

You want change? Make it happen.

Stop being "just a human"

Spread the love, Spread the word.