Shout out to all the people who can back up what they say. 
So, lately i've came to the conclusion

That I'm not believing anything anyone says.(unless a gut feeling tells me to)

Unless I personally experience it, or of some other means, preferably some supernatural interaction.

Most things people believe, are from word of mouth

And if the thing that one person is saying SOUNDS like it could be true, then the person listening believes it.

So many times I've talked to people, and then they try to bring up someone elses words to prove their argument.

Like "Dude it's a proven scientific fact!"

Alright, can YOU prove it? Personally...right now...can YOU?

You can bring up "charts" that for all you know, were crafted by a monkey.

You weren't there for such things to happen, you didn't see what really happened.

But it sounds like it could be true, so you believe it.

You hear one thing...Then you hear someone else saying that what you first heard was false. Then you believe what the new guy told you. And it keeps going on...

We all do it, every day.

Even if it IS "true" now, it'll be "false" in a couple hundred years.

Remember Kony 2012?

I felt like i was the only one not falling for that shit.

Everyone was pushing it on twitter and facebook

And the irony of it was RIDICULOUS.

"You're not doin nothin to help these people out? Shame on you"

"Spend your money on something USEFULL!"

Erm, didn't you just spend $400 on those shoes?

BUT...Then it all ended when MOST people found out that it was a bunch of bs.

Not that Joseph Kony was doing what he was doing

But as far as the location of most of the money that you were donating.

When you donate something to any of these charity programs

Of which have already gotten donated billions of dollars

You, personally, have no idea where YOUR money went.

Yeah, they tell you it was donated to "research" or the "children"

But do YOU know?

The people of Kony 2012 thought all their money was being donated to help the children DIRECTLY

Until the word came out that only 30% of it was actually being used for them.

But which story will you choose to believe?

I'm sure most have already seen this.

I'm only bringing Kony into the situation because of now, it's the most recent top grossing propaganda that i've seen.

But it's more or so, a warning of when something like this happens VERY cautious.

You work/love/live for pieces of paper.

May as well use them wisely.