My Mistake.

So...Maybe I should have been more specific about a previous post

Said something like...As long as you're happy doing it, then do it.

Well...That has it's limits to, the world won't be too happy with you.

People, you, me...Get joy out of doing tons of different things.

I wouldn't tell someone who goes around stomping infants heads in

Or killing people to keep doing it just because it makes then happy

The list goes on, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, do you believe that animals have souls? Or that they have an afterlife?

I'd consider them lucky in a sense, they don't have to worry about

But, for an exchange of living outside in danger almost 24/7...hmm

Nevermind, i still consider them lucky.

Maybe that's where humans have messed up at.

An animals mindset is pretty simple, or it's purpose.

Eat, Mate, Poop.

Apparently humans may believe that they're too good to live that kind of lifestyle.

When in actuality, they'd be a lot better off like that.

The entire point of technology was to make things easier, or more simple

And in turn, it's become just the opposite for the most part.

They(humans) put some reason behind anything, or they aren't happy.

So maybe Humans created God?

Or are gods in a sense.

No one was alive back then to see who built all of this stuff.

Meh...Anything's possible.