Money, Clothes, Girls.

Let's see...Money was never really..."out of the ass" where i live.

And whenever I did manage to get money from my parents.

I spent it on games instead of clothes.

Clothes aren't that important to me, at least how much they cost

Never cared to impress anyone with my clothes, even if i did have the money I probably wouldn't.

The thing with money and clothes really gets me.

People only wear certain articles of clothing because they care what other people think about them


If there was a FUBU hoody in the store, no one would get it.

If the same EXACT hoody was in a store, but was by Ralph Lauren

People would be all over it

You don't care about the material of the actual clothing nearly as much as the label that's on it.

It's a shame it really is that way. Black people fall for this stuff HEAVY.

The same goes with shoes, If sketchers released a shoe that looks just like a Jordan no one would buy it because it's made by whoever owns Sketchers.

Being ghetto fabulous won't get you far.

You spend every single penny you have to make it seem as if you aren't broke.

I got this from somewhere on twitter.

"Black person: Jeans $200, Shirt $100, Shoes $160, pockets.. $0
White Person: Jeans $15, Shirt $20, Shoes $30, pockets $5,000"

I'm not uncle Ruckus. But this kind of stuff has to be pointed out.

Love my race, but y'all gotta start gettin' the act together.

The males only dress up nicely and all the extra stuff just to attract girls

Because they know girls like that kind of stuff

Basically, girls have control over what guys wear, and what kind of things they do to their body.

If a girl like a guy with tattoos, skinny jeans, and snapbacks, baggy jeans, south pole, the north FAITH.(yes, FAITH)

Then every guy will wear it.

Women, you have no idea how much control you have over men.

(If all the women in the world teamed up together against men, they'd more than likely win. But "Women hate Women" So...)

Guys go through EXTREME lengths to impress women.

I've never heard of a guy not dating a girl due to the label of the clothes that she has on

I'm sure it's happened at least once, but something about that makes me question the guys view on life. As if the label really determines weather you want to have sex with the girl or not.

Girls tend to care more about materialistic stuff/money. And guys care more about sex. It's rare for it to be the other way around.

But, very possible.

Now I hardly ever spend money, on anything.

And if i do, more than likely it's on food.

I'm not willing the change the way I live my life

For a relationship that'll more than likely be temporary

It's not worth it. I'd rather enjoy myself than be a slave to someone/something and STILL get no reward.

My standards aren't even high, just be the odd one out of the bunch.

Have your own mind.

Or maybe that's too much.