Men and Women-Faithful.

Now out of the two genders

They both make mistakes...

Which one do you think is more likely to cheat?

I think a lot of different factors come into play with this topic.

Some people say men cheat more, some people say women cheat more.

Personally...I'd say that men cheat more.

If he isn't rich that is...

You see, men don't get offered sex every single day(usually).

Unless the man has money, or is very popular.

In that case, it doesn't matter what you look like, but women will want to have sex with you.

In this world, a woman lives a rich mans day-to-day lifestyle.

When you're a woman and you're offered sex almost every day, you actually have a choice to turn it down.

Whereas in most men, that every day option doesn't happen.

They actually have to work for the sex instead of just walking down the street.

So, seeing as how it's not as often for men. The first chance he's offered sex, he goes nuts.

On some "Today must be my lucky day" type shit.

Which would mean that if you're in a relationship.

Having sex with that man more often would more than likely keep him from cheating.

At least by a good percentage.

He has no reason(sexually) to cheat on you. He's getting all he needs from you.

"Any investment that a woman makes in d1ck is a bad investment!"

- Chris Rock