Sometimes I do feel like humans limit their actions.

They grow up within a society that tells them that they cannot do certain things.

But for what? You can do anything you want to if you believe you can do it.

Stop lettin' people tell you that you're only human.

We have people now going around saying that if you do magick, then it's evil

What if you're using it to heal people? You're still in the wrong for helping out?

Nah, they just don't want humans to unlock this potential.

I'm dead serious. And I'm sure i've said this before.
Many years ago, if you could swim, then you were considered a witch.

It was considered inhumane, humans cannot swim, only fish!

That was actually part of a test that they conducted to determine if someone was a witch or not.

Throw the person into the lake, if they swim, witch. If they drown, human.

What's the point of this trial again?

Anyway, many years later, it's accepted that humans can swim. When at first it sounded ridiculous.

But it only sounded ridiculous because it hadn't been done before to the peoples knowledge.

We have no scales, no fins, no gils...etc...

But yet we still manage to do a pretty decent job at it.

So why can't we fly? I swear after i saw chronicle i thought it was possible.

We have no wings, beaks, or feathers.

But does that limit us? No. Of course it sounds crazy, but because you haven't seen anyone doing it.

It's all a matter of learning, and believing that you can do it.

Then next thing you know, 500 years from now, everyone is flying and its no big deal.

You know what, trolling or not. What this guy was saying actually makes sense.

It's just once he starts screaming and taking off his shirt

People automatically lose all interest and think he's playing around.
(Is that video editing, hair dye... or am i the only one who sees a yellowish/greenish tent in his hair?)

Either way, it doesn't take away from the words he spoke in the beginning.

Speaking of flying though, there's this guy i know.

He was talking about how one time him and his friend were high on drugs

And his friend legit thought he could fly...

So the kid jumps off of a bridge, and ends up almost(or did) kill(s)(ing) his self.

It's just one of those things you have to look out for...

People usually die in the process of learning anything

But it helps the people after them become more wise.

So they perfect the craft, learn how to do it correctly, and bam.

How do you think we know which foods are poisonous and which ones aren't?

(Of course some of them watched animals to know, but some animals can eat plants that are poisonous to us, but not to them)

I'm sure people have died eating certain things for the good of the entire village.

But that one death, caused every generation after to not eat that one plant.

So...maybe death is a curse and a blessing.