Knowledge, the actual post.

Okay so...The post yesterday...Whatever.

Anyway, I'll start off by saying learning ANYTHING at all is a good thing.

No knowledge is bad knowledge, it's all important at some point.

But having to pay for knowledge is where things kind of take a turn for me

Like, for college...Shit, even for a bible.

Making Christians have to pay to learn about their own religion.

Or as far as textbooks+ go. Having to pay in order to better the economy.

But then again...Not many people going to college plan on bettering the economy anyway.

I'm sure there's some...But still.

Most are just in it for good paying careers.

It just annoys me when people act as if college is the only way that you'll be good in life.

Good at what exactly? Are you depending upon money to make you happy because you never took the time out to find what you actually enjoy doing?

You're just assuming that this life will bring you eternal happiness.

They paint the picture of what your life should be like before you even had an opinion.

Everyone is doing the same thing, which shows me that something isn't right.

You all have the same plan. For the most part.

School -> Job -> Car -> College -> Career -> Marry -> Kids -> Die -> Repeat.

Surely I'm not the only one that's noticing thing stuff.

Where are the people who actually want to make a change to this earth?

How dare you say the way you live your life is special or different when everyone else is doing the same exact thing?

In this world, if you're not like everyone else, then you're not 'cool' or 'successful'

But the same people who are telling you to do this, or you'll be a loser...Are losers their selves in someone elses eyes.

So who's really the loser?


That's why it's important to DO YOU.

I tell you...The people boycotting/criticizing cigarettes because of lung cancer and second hand smoke.

+Making all sorts of stop smoking ads.

Are the same ones driving 10 miles every day polluting the air with their car.

Why be PART of the solution when you can be THE solution.

It's evident that money does not bring you happiness.

If it did, you wouldn't see actors, rappers, singers...etc

Abusing drugs/committing suicide.

But they do. How could someone with so much money be so depressed?

Money used to actually represent something.

Now, it's literally electronic and paper.

And yet you work your entire life for it.

Is that really the type of future you see for yourself?

Working endless hours, basing your entire life...selling your soul...

For paper? Materialistic stuff that means nothing once you're dead?

Oh but don't'll stand out... you'll be remembered.

Along with the other 5 million people who lived your exact same life.

Be the spark.