What you consider good, and what someone else considers good may differ in many different ways.

Which brings the question, what really IS good? It's very subjective from person to person.

One person might consider helping someone as good, and another might consider that person helping their self as good.

Good intention is always important, but not all people will perceive it the way that you're trying to dish it out.

For example...

Ever try to do something good for someone, and it backfires in your face?

Like, on some. Buying a person chocolates(or any other item) as a gift...

And that person just snaps at you and goes on a long rant about how bad chocolate is for them, how it reminds them of their ex, how nasty it is...etc...

Or doing a favor for someone, and then they get mad

Because they don't want to make it seem like they need help...or that you're helping because they're incapable of doing it theirs selves.

When in actuality...That wasn't the case

And now you're the bad guy just for trying to help out.

This stands out prominently in JOKES. Ever try to tell a joke, and the person you're telling it to takes offense to it when you were just kidding around with them?

Yep...Happens all the time. Wasn't intentional, but it happens.

I remember back in school...there was this big guy that everyone called "big meats".

This was an ongoing joke, no one took it seriously, it just sounded funny to hear someone called that.

So i go around the classroom/everywhere and start calling EVERYONE "big meats" skinny, muscular, big, short, tall...etc...

 There was this girl i knew, very nice and polite.

She was in no means "obese" by todays standards, so im like cool, this should go well. So i come up to her, do our daily "heys"

(Speaking of such...I'll get into that topic next time...)

And I said somethin like "Oh what's up big meats?!"

Shortly after, she was upset and started crying.

Of course, I went to her to comfort her and stuff...Tell her i didn't mean it like that and I apologized.

But that's just an example of how things can be taken the wrong way.

Maybe it's better to just stay to yourself in certain situations.

You can't control how someone takes something

Hell, even being indifferent nowadays is looked at as a bad thing.

I guess everyone is SOMEONES "bad guy" in their own perspective.