Hey hey hey.

I think i've finally kicked the adult films out of my mind.

It's not that hard when you keep yourself busy.

But when i spend 24/7 in the house, there's not much to do besides computer/eating.

Not even sure how many days I'm on anymore.

In other news...

I've read up that being sleep deprived can be the cause of a lot of things

Especially hallucinating.

Maybe lack of sleep has been the root this entire time...

I do most of my thinking when I am sleepy

Some of my best ideas came to me when i was dead tired.

So, is sleeping worth sacrificing critical thinking?

Eh...I'd say no. I'd much rather deal with the way things are now

Than to start doing, and not thinking. Fair deal, right?

*funny moment*

My mom comes by my room dancing every once and while when i have music playing.

Being funny.

In this particular song, she came around the corner unknowingly of the content of the lyrics

And starts dancing...

The lyrics go... "  "

Know what, second verse of this song.


If y'all didn't already know, I'm pretty into battle rap.

I don't know what it is, but clever/witty verses/bars

Are entertaining. And it help me perfect my craft in a way.


But here's one of my favorites.