Gotta be kidding me.

Know what's funny? When people complain about the things that other people do.

How that person acts, the things they say, how they treat other people...etc

Without realizing that they possess the same qualities that the person has.

For example, ever been in an argument and in trying to end it, both of you want to get the last word?

So then you say some shit like "you're so childish! You just want the last word"

When in actuality, you want the last word. Or else you wouldn't have a problem with that person having the last word.

So when you call that person childish, you're really talking about yourself.

People don't usually realize their bad traits until someone points it out.

So next time before you get mad at someone for doing something that you don't like. Ask yourself "do I act like this too?".

You'll find it eventually

But yo, I'm starting to trip again.

It's been a few times within the last week that I'll just be chilling.

And out of the corner of my eye, I'd see something moving, or I would see a man or a figure standing there staring at me.

But when I focus my attention to the location, it disappears.

Awhile ago I already gave vocal permission to anything that's trying to have a conversation with me or some shit.

But in no creepy ass way, something more subtle, like...idk through my cat or an object.

And since nothing has happened, then either something is just messing with me, or I'm actually tripping.

EDIT:::::Shadow people

Thank you Tom.

Having the idea that anything is possible backfires at times.

You really don't put a limit on anything. Even the extreme.

So I begin believing long, drawn out schemes that people are plotting against me.

Like ill tie everyone together in this master plan that they have.

And the smallest things that person says or does will end up adding to the thoughts that I already have, questioning that persons motives even more.

When In reality it may not even be true at all.

But if it is.

Then it's better to be safe than sorry.

Anyway the sun's coming up, so...