Food & Liquor II The Great American Rap Album Pt.1: Review

Before I get into this...Bruh...

My sexdrive is damn near non-existent right now. It's taken the meanest nosedive within the passed few days.

It's ridiculous, but whatever...With no sex drive, what woman has power over me?

Anyway, let's get this started. *sigh* 17 tracks...This is gonna be rough.

Album Cover:

I mean...I guess you really can't hate on this
It's basically the two chainz album cover, with no chains.
I'm sure there's some hardcore Lupe fan out there like
"ERRMAHGERD It has a message! You just don't get it! People are so dumb!!!"
Moving on...

1. Ayesha Says (Intro)

If you've listened to other Lupe albums, you've heard this woman before
Poetry is always on point, glad it's the intro
Because by time i got halfway through this i wasn't tryna hear a skit.
It' 17 tracks, it would have got skipped with the quickness.
Dope. I agree.

2. Strange Fruition (Feat. Casey Benjamin)

By time this song was halfway through i already knew it was gonna be my favorite song off of the album
Hands down, the sample is too smooth.
Lupe's on his usual preachy-type rap
No problem with it, just when it carries on too long
It kind of get's old.
I'm not sure what the hell's going on in the hook, but regardless...
This is a good start to the album, don't think it could have been any better.

Favorite lines:

"Now I can't pledge allegiance to your flag
Cause I can't find no reconciliation with your past
When there was nothing equal for my people in your math
You forced us in the ghetto and then you took our dads"


"Now as I wander through the city goin' mad
I see the fruits of planting evidence instead of grass
A swindled generation with no patience, full of swag
Man, they so impatient with the stations that they have
As long as they look good when they be doin' bad
Then the separation from the truth is gettin' vast, fast
Be a slave at first or free at last
Double-edged choices make a nigga wanna pass"

3. ITAL (Roses)

Iight this is a lil more upbeat i guess, or it just slaps harder...Either one.
This is inbetween being preachy and real talk.
It's basically both, nothing wrong with that.
Second track in a row though...ehh...
Still high hopes, nothing wrong with spreading knowledge right?

Favorite lines: The entire first verse.

4. Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)

First thing i thought when this song came on
NBA street volume 2.
Gettin' that gamebreaker and slam dunkin' on people from across the basketball court.
Anyway, again, nothin different from what I said about the other tracks really as far as subject matter goes.
I don't really feel this track too much, it's just too...idek
You wouldnt catch me bumpin this on purpose is all I'm sayin.

Favorite Lines: The hook.

5. Audubon Ballroom

A little bit of background on the title first.

"The Audobon ballroom was a theatre and ballroom located on Broadway at 165th Street in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Upper Manhattan, north of Harlem in New York. It is best known as the site of Malcolm X’s assassination on February 21, 1965"

Ima be honest, this track was a few beats away from being on Lasers.
Besides that, this is basically somethin like a motivational song for black people
He goes on the topic about the crack era...the 80' heard from Mickey Factz and Kendrick Lamar.
How we aren't "niggas"...
Nothin' wrong with this song, they should definitely hear this out.

Favorite Lines: "For acting out their fears like a charade
Til they blackin out their tears like it's lights out
Bring em out the black like a lighthouse
And wave to em before they wiped out"

6. Bitch Bad

I should have saw this track coming.
Basically the irony of calling a bitch, and her catching attitude
But if you put bad before that, then she takes it as a good thing.
Also, how woman should want to be called ladies instead of "bitches"
And how the kids are raised by the tv...internet and how it rubs off on them
Etc...We've all heard it before.
It's weird how he went on a topic like this...on this particular beat
But it's dope how it's done.

7. Put 'Em Up 

This started off like it was gonna be some epic save the world type shit.
But one thing really bugged me about this track
The one bar that stuck out to me.

"That's how I kept it on the air is like a re-run"


"Keep it magic as a Harry Potter wand swing"

It's the elephant in the room that can't be ignored.
Like a "re-run" my dude?
A harry potter wand swing...?
Maybe I'm just losing patience at this point for whatever reason.
But damn, where's the word-smith we were all used to?
I don't even know how i feel about this track honestly.
Maybe i've been listenin to too much battle rap or some shit.

8. Lamborghini Angels 

"The term “Lamborghini angels” is used to say we admire a culture that is materialistic. Such that God whom we admire needs his angels, the rich we admire need their Lambos. Also, the way the Lambo doors go up and down look like flapping wings, like an angel would have"

It seems so simple now that i think of it. Geez.
Think i actually blogged about this before at one point, but anyway.
This beat is dead ass HEAVY if you have on headphones
The almost angelic like singing in the background tops it off nicely.

It's pretty much going back and forth between god and the devil
How we can't allow evil into our lives, how we have to shun the devil out...etc...
Until the second verse, it's emphasis on women increases.
He's talking about a doctor performing brain surgery upon a woman
A lobotomy.
"By having this lobotomy-like operation on her brain, society can eliminate its opposition (which they persistently persuade people to characterize as “crazy”, “deranged”, “retarded”, “mentally challenged”, etc.) and continue its instillment of mainstream messages"

Rap Genius helped out out a lot on this one, i was  lost.

                                                    Meanwhile...Mike G from Odd Future...

9. Heart Donor (Feat. Poo Bear)

Honestly, when this first came on. I thought he was saying
Despite the title being "Donor" I still said "Donut" for the hell of it.
This is probably one of my least favorite tracks on the album.
And the softest.
Maybe because of the hook, the hook kills it for me.
And the beat took a drastic change, so drastic that it doesn't sound like this song belongs on the album.

10. How Dare You (Feat. Bilal)

Ah, I was waiting for a song like this.
The good ol' feel good, smooth lupe we all know and love.
Guessing it's a song about a girl
But this isn't one of those "omg im so heartbroken please stahp it rawn"
Type songs, it's just fun to listen to and reflect.
Dope. It's soft as fuck though.
You wouldn't catch me singing the hook in public.
Just saying.

11. Battle Scars (Feat. Guy Sebastian)

Here we go with this soft shit again.
I honestly feel like i've heard this song before
It's on a mix of some Lupe and B.o.B.
I can imagine the video now...Lupe rapping into the camera
With some dave chappelle ass dude dancing in the background
Or Zach Efron.
Idk...I feel like this album is starting to take a turn.
And idk where he's going.

12. Brave Heart (Feat. Poo Bear)

Alright here we go...It's starting to climb back up the hill.
I felt like all was going well in this verse aside from the slow flow.
Until the hook came, and Poo Bear went Yogi Bear
Sounded like some Tribal Ritual going on.
But, the good thing about it, the beats, and the lyrics are here.
I could see me blastin this out somewhere and just goin' Flocka when the hook comes.

Favorite Lines: "I dropped that food and liquor to put you up on my stove
They shoplifted and stole
That just let me know they know
That was Lupe #1 now this version #4
And I still feel like a virgin me versus the globe
From the surface to the cove
I took on the biggest wave
And I surfed it to the shore with no pomade in my fro
Took the wood from the slave ships and furnished my abode
That boat is now my bed, desk, dressers and my drawers
Now that's a house of pain!
Plus I use nooses when I hang up all my clothes
Couldn't change up if I chose"

13. Form Follows Function

I feel like I'm gettin' a little bored with this album
Maybe because it's too long, and it feels like it's just dragging on.
I look at the tracklist and im like...damn.
Anyway, yo. "make me cross like a crucifix"
Besides that the word play on this is RIDICULOUS
I was bored with it until i looked up the lyrics to this.
He lowkey blacked on this i won't even lie.
By time the second verse was done this song was MURDERED.
I just can't mayne...Lupe you did your thing on this.

Favorite lines(basically the entire second verse): "So when that pond thaws and it's no longer Gretzky
That's when we jetski
I got a catch up to myself, I kind of left me
Are the windows still blocked up? Let's see
Maybe see something we couldn't view before
Been in the stu all day cooking food for thought
Now out the soup du jour for you and yours
Might find sushi for your soul, we call that moving raw
Lions won't cross the line
Cougars won't move a paw
Chickens won't cross the road
Dogs won't roof at all
Always had flow, just added a front door, roof, and walls
Hotter than the fire that into which Koopa falls
But that's only if you super dawg"

14. Cold War (Feat. Jane)

This was another one of my favorites on the album.
Mainly because of the beat
The way how it just dropped into the verse was dope.
It started off soundin' like some music that'll play while superman is saving the world.
But nah
The whole "Ima flow a few words...then take a pause...then flow a little more"
Kinda annoyed me on this, but whatever.
The hook kinda killed the entire mood. I was just vibin to the beat
Then i get smacked with a


He spoke some real shit on this though.
Come to think of it i'm not sure why i liked this song as much as i did before i typed it.
It's still dope regardless...Just not...Lupe.

Favorite lines: "Something about losing things, human beings
That reduces things to their most elementary
Find yourself where you never meant to be
With the energy of memories
That's the soul force of what's behind killing me
Finding pleasure in the pains
Like finding desert in the rain
Twisted: how this world can drive you masochistic
Question if I'm over it
Or if I'm numb because I'm closureless
Or my closure's that we all gotta go and shit
Rendered emotionless but moving at the speed of running over it
Still happy that I opened it"

I gotta stop quoting entire verses...

15. Unforgivable Youth (Feat. Jason Evigan)

This song...Wow.
I kinda thought DJ Khaled was gonna jump in at any second.
Be honest Lupe...this was one of the songs that just didn't make it onto Lasers.
I wish i knew how to feel about this.
What's up with the hooks on this album man...*sigh*
Sometimes the beat strays you away from what exactly he's saying.
It's so bouncy
Like i could imagine myself jogging to the beat.

I don't jog.


Anyway, the concept of it is dope.

16. Hood Now (Outro)

It's hood now
It's hood now

It's hood now
It's hood now

It's hood now
It's hood now
That's the hood now

It's hood now
It's hood now

It's hood now
It's hood now

It's hood now
It's hood now


Favorite lines:

"Hood now
It's hood now
You in the hood now
That's the hood now
Yea, it's hood now
Oh yea, that's hood now
It's about to be...

Yea mayne"

17. Things We Must Do For Others

What is there to say about this.

And that's it mayne. Took longer than it should have.

The hooks killed a lot of it honestly...

But it's dope in it's own way i guess.