Seeing as I was born in...Mid-September.

Fall-Winter is(are) my favorite season(s).

It's not TOO cold(usually) and not too warm(usually).

 I've actually come in contact with a few people who believe that hell is actually cold

If it does exist.

But do you REALLY suffer in cold weather as much as you do in hot weather?

Would you rather burn to death or freeze to death?

If i had a choice, freeze.

And for that reasoning right there, I say "hell" would have to be hot.

I'm pretty sure everyone would choose to freeze rather than burn.

Which is funny...Because if something is cold enough, it actually does burn you.

So maybe you would be burning for all eternity...

If it's cold enough?


Most plants in the winter go dormant.

But they arise back in spring

Which would mean that hell is temporary.

I mean, it would only take so long before you would get used to the pain

And wouldn't feel it anymore.

But...I'm sure whoever's in charge of hell

Has already taken this into consideration

And found ways around it.


*fades away*