Live from the toilet.

Probably the best and worst creation ever.

Sometimes it'll keep people back from doing what's actually right.

Due to not wanting to hurt some other persons feelings.

But am I the only one who finds it difficult to display any real emotion?

Even facial expression wise.

Have any idea how awkward it is putting on the cheesiest smile of your life when someone gets you a gift?

People used to always call me emotionless or I never smile unless I'm laughing.

I just don't know how to express that kind of stuff. So I put on a smile for the other persons sake of showing I'm happy.

When inside im like :-|

Maybe materialistic shit just isn't emotion worthy.

And nowadays that's how everyone wants to express their selves to other people.

Idk, a world with no emotion sounds a little boring.

But if you had no emotion, you wouldn't care anyway.

Guess when you're trying to change the world, you don't have much time to feel anything.

And you were more than likely motivated by anger or disappointment

*looks back at the greats...and flushes the toilet*