Double Standards

I said I wasn't going to talk about this, buuut I think i've found something interesting.

So, we al know about double standards.

The main problem being

"If a man has sex with 50 girls he's the 'man'. But if a woman has sex with 50 men then she's a 'whore'"

Not fair, right?

Let's take a couple things into consideration. I'm not on either side, just giving a point of view.

We're not counting STDs.

Also, I'm talking humans in their prime, not in older age.

If a man has sex with 50 women, his expectations won't change out of the range of something being possible.

A man may be expecting a woman to be a little more active during sex after that many times, but it's possible for the woman to be more active.

"But the man may have a preference over how tight or wet it is"

I've never heard a man say "Oh I won't have sex with her again because she's dry"

Stuff like that never happens. And if she's a virgin, or hasn't been having sex with 50 guys.

She'd be tight anyway.

See where I'm going with this?

Now with woman, after having sex with 50 guys, she's experienced all sorts of sizes.

From big, to medium, to small.

I've heard countless stories of woman not having sex with a guy because of his size.

Whereas it wouldn't have been much of  a problem, if she never had anything different.

So now the guy is  cut out of the sex circle, over something that can't be changed.

Unless he undergoes surgery. But is that fair?

(I'm still NOT up for the whole "Only have sex once you're married."
But that's just me...)

That pretty much solves the entire Double Standards dilemma

At least as far as sex goes.

You can't get mad at a man or woman doing certain things with the person that they're devoted to.

They're only doing it to THAT person.

Well, you can get mad at them, but why?

It's none of your concern.

Unless you've heard stories before you got around to capturing that person...

Only then is when you can say