Do words or actions dictate your life?

Live from the toilet.

Armpits smell like pickled onions...need-to-shower...

Anyway, words vs actions. What are words without action, or actions without words?

They both possess pretty similar traits.

As they both have the ability to take someone's life.

And both can make someone do what you want them to do...or it could blow up In your face if you're all words with no action.

But appearance plays a role too.

For example, threats.

If a guy like terry crews threatened someone that he would break their neck if they do not spit shine his shoes.

They will most likely do it.

But after awhile, he'll find someone that will challenge him.

And if he doesn't break his neck for not spit shining his shoes. Then his words no longer have any more power.

The people will see that he's just bluffing and no one else will fall for it.

And it would take him to actually do it before people realize that he's not joking around.

If the same situation happened but wiz khalifa was in terry crews' shoes, the plan would have foiled much sooner.

So the only situation in which words should actually have any kind of effect upon you.

Are when they have a physical past.

But, it's better to be safe than sorry.

This only goes as far as threats.

But name calling is something that you should never take the time out to feel offended by.

When someone calls you a name, and you get offended...

You're giving the person what they want, and a reason to want to call you it again.

If I sat here and called you "glass" all day long, you wouldn't give a crap.

That's why you never hear anyone being insulted by such a term.

But if I was to change it to racial slander. Then you would be giving me the response that I'm looking for.

"As long as you still have feelings to hurt, I'll be around as long as you let me get to you..."-Eminem

Don't add fuel the flame.