Cleaned up.

So i finally went to the barbershop after like...4-5 weeks...Or it feels like.

Long story short, I'm not impressed.

I actually kind of liked the whole "i don't care" look.

Now I look too clean.

He even made my forehead bigger.

And cut the hair that was growing on my face.

Least i still have a lil hair on my chin

I look like I'm about to go in for a job interview.

The most awkward part about getting your hair cut

Are the people staring at you in their seats while it's happening

The look on their face makes it look like the barber messed up you hair.

So you sit there with insecurity until you get to look at yourself in the mirror.

I hate being stared at.

Unless it's large groups of people, then I kind of welcome it.

But whatever...It's only temporary.