Call it what you want.

In my current generation...looking at today's cartoons...a large majority of us say they suck.

Yet our parents say the same thing when comparing their cartoons to ours.

We look back at theirs and say theirs sucked.

The cycle never ends.

Every generation wants to be the best huh.

Anyway, there's videos all over YouTube on the symbolism in cartoons in these days.

We would have never thought our generation had it too.

Even as far as conspiracies go, ever seen Johnny Bravo?

I saw that awhile ago... it's just a weird coincidence really.

And if its not like this, then it's the promotion of sex or the usual pyramids with the eye on it or ontop of it...etc...

But why?

Are these things thrown in there simply for shock value?

Or are they purposely imbed ding the images in your mind for a later use?

I was watching Courage The Cowardly Dog reruns on YouTube yesterday.

And i came across this.

Now, again is it for purely shock value?

The type of home I grew in(when I was like 10), if my mom saw that, she would have thought the show was evil and told me to not watch it anymore.

I'm sure there are other families out there like that.

So why would they throw things in there for shock value at the cost of losing ratings, viewers, and resulting in their show being canceled?
Shouts to Chris Rivera.

I spoke about this awhile ago.

But ever notice how about 90% of movie posters are blue or orange? Even both.

Of course after that he told me some questionable ish like its for mind control.

But anyway, go to google images if you think I'm bsing.

Could all movies really be that unoriginal?

Possible, yes.

But either way...