Another Smoking Story...Kinda.

Typing from this iPod is a pain. But my butt was numb so I had no choice.

Alright so, earlier I went to the store to go pick up a few things.

Was tired as sleepy as hell the way there, eyelids wanting to fall, ankles cramping.

Ever just catch someone starting at you and lock eyes with them?

Yeah, awkward moment indeed. Especially if its more than one. So I play it off and keep walking.

No need to fight on a simple walk to the store, right?


Big Texas, Gum, Gatorade, Lighter...etc.

Got on Skype.

I wait until it hits about...4am or so.

Actually changed my mind a bunch of times, and had to wait until a good time of night when the crickets weren't throwing a party.

Get the smoke, lighter and all the good stuff. Open the window with the curtains kind of covering me up.

Lit it, hit it.

And of course to my luck, all of it blows back into the house. Lucky me.

Soon as I see that...I hit it one more time then put it out.

The window is still open.

At the I couldn't smell shit. So I'm like cool, leave the room.

The window is still open.

Come back... The entire room smells like burnt paper.

The window is still open.

So I spray a little somethin, and just try to wait it off.

Remember the West Nile post?

The window is still open.

I see a little mosquito flying next to my computer, I kill it and go back to chillin for another 10 mins or so.

Guess what

The window is still fucking open.

So I turn around to go throw away something, and I spot another one.

I grab a rag, and smash it with it. I MADE SURE it was dead. I throw the rag somewhere...

Finally close the window.

2 hours later, idk why but I go back over there and pick the rag up,

The second I take it off of the floor, and mosquito flies off of it. And starts coming STRAIGHT for me.

Was this the SAME one I just killed hours ago? Who summoned it back from the dead?


Swing and knock it onto my curtains, it's still alive but it's twitching.

Grab a Gatorade bottle, put it in there, twist it as tight as I can.

If it comes to life I'm moving to Alaska.

Now every little itch makes me start tripping.

The most disturbing part about it is, how many more got in here that I haven't found yet? Or is anything else in here? I'm contemplating sleeping with my headphones on.

Think ill just keep my ceiling fan on.

But this could have all been prevented...

If I just didn't smo-

If I closed the fucking window.