"Addiction is the continued use of a mood altering substance or behaviour despite adverse dependency consequences, or a neurological impairment leading to such behaviors."

Let's see...What are everyday things that people are addicted to

Cigarettes(Nicotine), Alcohol, Caffeine, Sugar, Sex, Pain...etc...

(Speaking of Cigarettes...Look into Natural American Spirits. Apparently they're a cigarette of which have no additives that regular cigarettes have within them, so its pretty much plain tobacco...only drawback is that it's more nicotine to accommodate for the lack of additives...but yeah. Heard pretty good things about it)

Anyway, what about p0rn?

Is it possible for someone to actually be addicted to watching people have sex?

Or, masturb-masturb...*sighs*

I know that the existence of such addictions do exist, but only as far as in movies and "documentaries"

That was, until i found myself within the same loop.

Then it became very real.

*cracks pistachio*

Yo...I had of have started when I was...12? 13?

One of those...maybe younger.

Everyone gets curious about their body every once and awhile

But i had no idea that this kind of thing even existed until i overheard a few friends talking about it.

Before i knew it, years later I was still doing it.

At one point it was everyday, even more than once a day.

I was driving myself nuts(not literally) But just the thought of it, was bugging me.

My sex drive was high...but low at the same time

It seemed as if every time when i did it, a girl called me up hours later wanting to do the do

And I'm like yo...I don't even feel like it right now

So i held off...and i got no more calls.

My luck sucks.

Speaking of luck...I...

Actually got caught once...I was watching some ish before i went out

And while I was out, my mom called the phone and was like

"What's this on my computer?"

Of course i played the dumb role...There was even lotion next to the computer.

I couldn't lie and say it was a pop-up, the computer history never lies.

So...I get home and just admit it. I didn't get in trouble

But it was EXTREMELY awkward just admitting that to her, and my dad.

Luckily i got my first computer shortly after that happened.

I found myself making promises to myself to stop on one date, and then breaking it a little later.

The longest i went was...about a month.

And when i finally got back around to doing it again...oh buddy.

The promises i made to myself got extreme

And I STILL found myself breaking them.

So, this is my FINAL...FINAL promise.

Even though I started like 4-5 days ago.