A world without money?

"With 9.6% of its population chronically depressed, the U.S. is the most depressed country in the world. The least depressed is Nigeria."


Now isn't that something.

I believe this shows what happens when everyone is on the same plane.

When you say Africa, the first thing people think of are flies...poor children...help the children commercials...etc..

When in actuality, not all of Africa is like that.

Nigeria is actually pretty rich. Off of just oil sales alone.

But due to the government over there being corrupt...The people pretty much stay poor for the more for the most part.

While the government spends it on their selves.

Now, in the U.S. You have people on different classes.

You have Poor, Middle Class, Rich and Wealthy

Wealthy and government pretty much go hand and hand, but whatever.

With all of these different classes, it creates problems between them due to the financial differences.

The poor hate the rich...rich hate the poor...etc...

And they're the most depressed country.

Whereas in a country where EVERYONE(but the government) is on the same plane

There's nothing to fight or envy over other people around you.

You all have the same lifestyles, no one is above the other.

But is being impoverished

Worth being happy?


Yes, it's possible to be both.

Take your pick.