99. PETA.

(I feel like i've said this before)

I look out today...And i see that some people are actually starting to do their own thing

By "do their own thing" I mean they're not afraid to be different

They dress the way they want, or act the way they want...And don't care about who thinks any different. 

This is one this that i thank the media for

Hopefully it's a trend that's here to stay 


Anyway, one more post after this one. And bam...

Not even sure why I'm anticipating it so much, it's a day. 

I don't plan on sleeping until 9/20 so i'll be up for quite some time. 

I've actually found myself watching animals getting shocked by an electric fence for the passed 10 minutes

I feel Evil. 

But at least I'm not the one recording. 

The thing that annoys me though, are the overprotective PETA animal lovers in the comment section.

Who are never happy with what you show an animal doing, regardless of what it is.

As if raging at the person via comments will change anything. 

Anyone who disagrees with you magically becomes the expert of the subject.
It'll be a video of a cat meowing, or going through heat.

And a person throws a fit over it

"You are neglecting that animal! And exploiting it all over the internet, you are a sick person, and i hope you burn!" 

Really? They don't even defend humans within the same light. And act as if the animal REALLY cares if it's on the internet or not. 

I'm all for being against animal cruelty. But when it comes to harmless things such as that...Just chill out. 

Clearly, I'm just rambling on here. 

So i'll leave you all with this, thought it was pretty funny. Skip to 1:00. Yu-Gi-Oh fans will like it. 

By the way, build pyramids.