98. Bless you?

On 9/20 it'll be 100 posts on this blog

At the moment we're at...98, and I'm trying to make it so it's at 100 on 9/20.

So, 2 more posts to go after this one. It's weird how this all came together perfectly.

But anyway, Bless you.

"But I didn't sneeze" Do you have to sneeze to be blessed?

There are a lot of theories, documents, or superstitions that point to where humans saying "bless you" actually came from.

A few of such are the following...

A few people think that when you sneeze, it causes your soul to leave your body through your nose.

And saying "bless you" would stop the person's soul from being captured by the devil.
(What if no one was around to bless you?)

Others say that the term "Bless you" came from Pope Gregory the Great

Who was alive during the bubonic plague epidemic during the sixth century.

As sneezing was one of the symptoms accompanied to someone having the plague.

And of course(popular where im at), the thought that when someone sneezed, their heart stopped for a moment.

And by saying "bless you", you were welcoming the person back to life.

Now, sneezing is accompanied to allergies, colds...flues...

Sunlight...Strong odor...etc...

But, people still get offended when they sneeze and i don't bless them

Why should I? Does a sneeze call for the only time when someone is supposed to be blessed?

I'm going to start telling people "bless you" when they burp or fart.

Or just randomly.

They'll either laugh or say "but i didn't sneeze"

But as far as sneezes go...hmm


What's funny, is when I was in class...And i'd sneeze.

I would get about 1 or 2 "bless yous"

But if the teacher, or a popular person sneezes, they get the entire classroom to say "Bless you"

Dead ass, people from other classrooms run all the way down the hallway to say it to the person

The principle puts the school on lockdown, gets on the announcements and tells everyone to go to room 323 to bless "Cynthia" for her sneeze.

It's broadcasted on the local news later that evening.

And she gets a medal.

It's ridiculous.

But apparently, she deserves it more than the rest of us.