For one, the new blogger interface can gtfo.

Alright so I'm alive.

Overall the day went pretty good for the most part.

I had the chance to talk to family i haven't heard from in months.

Received my first cake since I was six. And it's ice cream son.

And some other stuff. I was offered to go out multiple times but eh...I just decided to chill in here.

I still have a few things planned out anyway for the next days.

As the day was ending, my entire body was starting to get sore

And by entire body, i mean my armpits and lower back.

It hurts to bend over, and the lymph nodes under my armpits are painful as hell.

Even woke up feeling a little sick, but hungry too.

My cat won't even leave me alone, he's been following me around the house the entire day.

Staring at me.

When you try to google this type of stuff, you get the worst results possible.

So far, i've gotten either Lymphomia or Breast Cancer.

Oh what a joy. Even doctors aren't as reliable nowadays it seems like

And with google giving me the deluxe package...I'm not sure what to do.

So ima chill and see what happens.

Anyway, thanks to everyone. Appreciate it all.

I'll be back later or tomorrow

I'm about to watch this and eat.